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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Runner's World Meet and Greet BBQ - October 2012

After a lot of thought I have decided to move some of best of my old posts from Aging Runnah and A Runnah’s Story blogs, primarily the old reviews, maybe a few of the better posts and race reports that I have written over the years. I have a feeling that at some point, my WordPress.com blogs are simply going to go away and I want to still be able to go back and read some of the stuff I wrote.

If you are reading this blog post, that is why it is has been re-posted here.

Originally posted on: October 18, 2012

Tonight was a meet and greet BBQ at The Runner's World Offices. Usually these kind of things are something you gotta do as part of work, but tonight I was excited about going! Being a runner this is one of those places that I have dreamed about going to and having the opportunity to meet so many of the Runner's World Staff and also my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors in an atmosphere conducive to mingling in a relaxed atmosphere.

The ride over was noisy, with everyone introducing themselves, getting to know one another (beyond our Twitter handles or Blog Names).

Then when we got to Runner's World we were met by Bart Yasso and David Willey

Bart Yasso telling me that I was lucky to be the only guy with the ladies tonight.

David Willey - Editor-In-Chief - Runner's World

Amby Burfoot - figured out who I was (we did SpeedWork (I got to watch his back a lot) together at the USCGA Indoor Track back in 85 & 86) after we talked for a while.

Amby Burfoot and Golden Harper from Altra Running

Michelle (NYCRunningMama) and me.

Amanda L. (Mizz Zippy) and me

I could just keep putting more and more pictures into this post, because there were so many Runner's World Staff and FitFluential Ambassadors that I met tonight, who were simply fantastic! It was almost like I knew so many of them after talking with them online over the past year.

The food was GREAT and I was good - I only had two Brownies and one Chocolate Chip cookie!

I also got fitted for the Altra Superior Trail Shoe and found out that they run just about a full size small for me, compared to my Instinct's 1.0, but I know that I can't wait to run in them, especially on some trails that I have back home.

The Altra Running staff were absolutely great and knowledgeable about their shoes and made sure that all the Ambassadors shoes fit correctly.

Overall, the night was a lot of fun, I got to meet a lot of GREAT people, and learned a lot more about Runner's World and Altra Running. That they are all passionate about running and love to talk about it with other runners. Also they are more than just names in a magazine are fantastic people who love running as much as we do.

However, the best part is that I got to meet so many of my other FitFluential Ambassadors who I have Tweeted with online, Read their blogs and Facebook pages!

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