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Friday, June 21, 2013

After a lot of thought I have decided to move some of best of my old posts from Aging Runnah and A Runnah’s Story blogs, primarily the old reviews, maybe a few of the better posts and race reports that I have written over the years. I have a feeling that at some point, my WordPress.com blogs are simply going to go away and I want to still be able to go back and read some of the stuff I wrote.

If you are reading this blog post, that is why it is has been re-posted here.

Originally posted on: June 21, 2013

I have been injured before and unfortunately, in all likelihood will be injured again (whether it is running related or not) and things that I have to re-learn every time.
That during the recovery process:
  • it will take longer than I want
  • that I have to be patient and
  • accept the FACT that I will not see improvements every day.
There will also be setbacks and days that for lack of a better word – suck.

However, I also know from experience that better days are coming and as long as I am fairly smart about how I train, that I will get back to where I want to be.

Unfortunately, yesterday was one of those days that simply SUCKED!!!
What Caused It?

It was the culmination of Monday and Tuesday’s physical therapy sessions. Anyone who tells you that you don’t need recovery time from physical therapy and all the hate and discontent they cause in your body - is nuts! The PT’s definitely are getting rid of all the scar tissue that has built up in my legs, but at the same time I need to remember that I need a little recovery time from all the digging and prodding they do.

Wednesday probably did not help; I started the mobilization techniques in Bruce Wilk’s “The Running Injury Recovery Program, which was basically more physical therapy and self-manipulation with a golf ball, tennis ball and The Stick. I added in my foam roller and Thera-bands for good measure.

Then I made the mistake of wearing my compression ankle brace overnight on Wednesday, through noon yesterday. While this compression brace was great while I had significant swelling, now that the swelling is gone, all it does is dig into the exact spot on my Achilles tendon that hurts. Not good.

I had planned to run a great 1.0 miler yesterday, but the way that my leg was feeling, I decided to bag the run – probably the hardest thing that I did all day, because I really, really wanted to run.

Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

Since my left leg was really bothering me, yesterday became a rest day – believe it or not I actually listened to my body. No mobilization work, no stretching, no running, no yard work and only a few easy walks with Bennie.

Sometimes, the body just needs a day of rest to consolidate the gains it is making. Yesterday was that day for me.

What did I learn or remember because of a day that sucked in the recovery process:
  • That our bodies need recovery time after physical therapy
  • That I cannot do 3 days in a row of PT and mobilization work
  • That wearing an ankle compression brace is not a good thing when it presses directly on what hurts
  • That I can be smahter once in a while
  • That during the recovery process will have good days and bad days, but that the good days will outnumber the bad and that the bad ones do suck.
  • That The Running Injury Recovery Program is difficult to follow, but worth the effort and I have learned a lot of information that is and will help me recover better than I have in the past.
Sometimes we just have to remember that the best therapy – is simply to rest.
The reality is that

Bad days suck, but when coming back from an injury we all will have them.

The important thing is to stay focused on the long-term goal of letting and helping the injury heal – without doing so much that we re-injure it (instead of doing too much on during a single day or week, while trying to make up for lost time i.e. gotta start that marathon training today, even when I can’t run a pain-free mile yet).

Remaining positive and knowing that there will be many more good days than bad will help us through those periods of self-doubt and the days that suck.

Recovery from injuries does not happen overnight and we have to remember that recovery from them do not happen in a straight line.

Just the same - Ah hell, I just want the damn thing to heal so that I can get back to normal running for me!!!!

Patience grasshopper it will happen, only not as fast as you want it to.

What do you do when you are having a day that really, really sucks while you are recovering from an injury?

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