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Monday, December 8, 2014

Year of Running 2014

After a lot of thought I have decided to move some of best of my old posts from Aging Runnah and A Runnah’s Story blogs, primarily the old reviews, maybe a few of the better posts and race reports that I have written over the years. I have a feeling that at some point, my WordPress.com blogs are simply going to go away and I want to still be able to go back and read some of the stuff I wrote.

If you are reading this blog post, that is why it is has been re-posted here.

Originally posted on: December 8, 2014

Amanda over at Miss Zippy does her Year of Running every year and I have added my two cents worth into for a couple of years now. This post is how I kick off my end of year reflections, which culminates in my 2014 in review post.

Without further ado, here is my contribution to the:

Year of Running 2014

It’s that time again–time to look back at how your year of running has gone. I’ve done this post the past three years and each year, the response has grown, so I’m excited to get it rolling again. How you play along:

1. Grab my button - done

2. Answer the following questions - done

3. Link in at the bottom - done

Best race experience? 

Hands down, it would have to be the Thomas College Terrier 5K, which is the first long distance race I have ever won out-right. It was exciting to be in the lead from about a quarter-mile into the race - to the finish. It was a race that forced me to think strategically versus just going as hard as I could.

Thomas College Terrier 5K - coming into the finish

Best run? 

Any of my runs with Bennie.

Bennie Bean - my running partner

Yes, he is pain-in-the-ass to run with at times and I have kissed dirt because of him, but I wouldn't trade him for any other running partner. Bennie pulls (not pushes) me to do more running than I would otherwise and his runs are almost always a Fartlek run. 

He doesn't whine or complain, he just runs, always has that doggy grin during our runs and is just about always ready to go for more. Bennie has been the one constant in my running this year and made me much more consistent than I ever have been.

Best new piece of gear? I could talk about a particular pair of running shoes, but to this point no particular pair of shoes has WOW'ed me into thinking they are the greatest thing since whatever it was last time. I have been unimpressed with my GPS gear, headphones, etc. and while I love my iPhone and MacBook Pro I don't run in or with them - they are accessories, so that pretty much leaves me with clothes or outerwear.

I would have to say my Saucony running mittens that I got last week at TJ Maxx. I have looked for a pair of running mittens, since my Moss Brown Gore-tex mitten shells wore out a few years ago (I bought them in 1982 - so I got my money's worth out of them). The Saucony mittens have done everything I wanted or expected from them.

Best piece of running advice you received? 

Probably the one that I keep ignoring at worst and do sporadically at best - do strength, stretching and mobility work. I am horrible at doing any of those three consistently.

Most inspirational runner?

Meb - enough said.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? 

Acceptance of who I am.

Now it’s your turn!

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