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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Quarry Road 5K Race Recap - 6-9-15

After a lot of thought I have decided to move some of best of my old posts from Aging Runnah and A Runnah’s Story blogs, primarily the old reviews, maybe a few of the better posts and race reports that I have written over the years. I have a feeling that at some point, my WordPress.com blogs are simply going to go away and I want to still be able to go back and read some of the stuff I wrote.

If you are reading this blog post, that is why it is has been re-posted here.

Originally posted on: June 9, 2015

Okay Harold you are not 20 or even 40 anymore...what in the hell are you doing running 3 times in the same day. Especially, 3 quality runs in that day????

Are you stoopid?

Not really, well maybe...naw just Harold being Harold.

I did a quick 2.0 miler on the treadmill before Yoga this morning and then did a 5K time trial (finished in 21:33), because I wasn't sure if the weather was going to be decent for the Quarry Road 5K.

Well I might have screwed up on that weather forecast a bit, because when 4:30 rolled around it was still nice...a little humid but nice and the storms were still a few hours away.

Quarry Road 5K Race 6-9-15 - Photo by Alicia Nemiccolo MacLeay - Yes Julie kept me honest during the race.

So I went into this race with the expectation of staying around a 9:00 minute pace and just enjoying being around a lot of runners that I know and getting caught up on how they were doing.

Strava Stats Quarry Road 5K

I started out a little quicker than I wanted and then slowed down to a nice comfortable pace going up into the comp loop. I wore my Cliftons, which were fine on the groomed dirt sections, but dropping into the comp loop that first hill was slimey mud and I had quite the adventure going down that hill - I stayed upright, but America's Funniest Video's would have loved it.

Then another runner was about to pass me and I decided to challenge the pass and pushed off a little harder, on some slimey mud and ended up looking at the sky for a few seconds. Yep, that wonderful feeling of going ass over teakettle and other runners asking if I was okay.

At that point I hadn't planned on picking up the pace, but after the fall, I decided if am going to be doing the quick step and falling routine, just running easy, I might as well push a little more and see if I re-catch all those people who passed me while was laying on the ground.

Oh yeah, this course doesn't really have hills, it is more big and little bumps, but the outer loop's bump does intimidate me for some reason. Once I got to top of it (I passed a few people going uphill), I purposely picked up the pace, until about 2.0 miles.

At that point, the morning's workouts and the wipeout were starting to affect my legs. So I backed off and just maintained my place. I knew the guy in front of me was struggling on the hills, but was doing great on the downhills, so I just stayed behind and didn't push the issue.

However, I also didn't want to slow down too much, because I knew that Julie was right behind me and I don't remember ever finishing ahead of her in a trail race, so that was motivation to not slow down too much.

Overall, a good run, where I gave a little blood to the trail gods and came out of the race without any issues or injuries. As much as I love the Clifton's, I don't think that I will be using them for the trail races anymore. They just don't have the grip to run faster or "safely" in the muddier sections, wet grass, especially going downhill in that stuff.

Which means I will probably get out the Skechers Ultra's for the next Quarry Road or other trail races. Since getting new shoes is not an option for a while.

I know that I really enjoy the Quarry Road Trail Race series, because of all the people who are there. It is just fun and relaxed time, even though I did feel a little funny by not volunteering with setup or take-down, but this year, I decided on the no volunteering and do more running.

So how did I do?
Run Information

Course: Quarry Road 5K
Distance: 3.1
Time: 25:36
Pace: 8:31
Shoes: Hoka Clifton V1
Temperature: mid 60's
Weather: humid, overcast
Place: 23/65
Age Group: 2nd (50-59)

Good run, but I don't plan on doing 3 quality run in the same day very often in the future. I am a little tired for some reason or other this morning.

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