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Monday, August 31, 2015

A Few More Changes and a Great Week - 8/30/15

Okay Harold, it seems that you have made quite a number of changes over the past month or so:

  • Going back to work
  • Getting a different pair of running shoes to be your primary trainers
  • Getting back in bed with Google for most everything

What is the next change you are doing?

I am officially going back to Blogger from WordPress.com.

What!!!! Wait aren't you the same guy that...enough with the constant changing of the blog. You do it so often that readers can't keep track of you, what hell are you doing this time?

More on that in a minute.

My favorite photo from the week:

Yeah, I know that is a bit cheesy, but at the same time it is the thing that stands out the most from the past week.


The running is getting consistent and now that the mental toughness building time is over (high humidity and stuff), the pace is getting a little better. Overall, I can't really complain at all about how the running is going, other than getting my butt into a race, instead of just running around home, with Bennie.

Return to Blogger

You can read more about it here, but the bottom-line is that I just have never been all that keen on WordPress.com and while I had good intentions and reasons for sticking around over there for so long - those reasons have lost their importance and it is time to just go back to my roots.

So I have resurrected my old Blog - One Foot In Reality and feel as though I have come home.

The real kicker is that whenever you do something stupid like this, you expect the blog to have maybe 5-10 hits the first day and then maybe 2-3 the next and it takes time to build up to the 50-60 people who regularly read your blog.

Now don't get me wrong the stats are not why I blog, but they do feed the ego just a bit and I was shocked this afternoon when I stopped to take a peek at the number of hits. You gotta remember this blog has been dormant, checked-off as private and I turned off access to the search engines over a year ago. In other words before I came back I had zero hits.

Blogger Stats 8-30-15

Yet when I looked at the number of hits for the past two days...I was shocked over 300 yesterday and almost 700 hits today. No, those are not actually all that big daily numbers and will not last very long, but after a year of a good day being just over 50 hits on my other blog. Well the stats were not supposed to explode like that during the first two days back in action. So it was pretty shocking to me.

Oh well, I am sure that things will get back to reality and get back down to 40-60 hits a day most of the time. But still...it was kind of neat to see the graph going in that direction for a little while ;-) .

Now I just have to go over on my WordPress.com blog and announce to the world that I am leaving there.

My running challenges and goals?

They haven't changed for a while now - I will break 22:00, then go after a post-55 PR (21:20) in a 5K at some point this year.


My training last week consisted of:

Weekly Summary 8-30-15
I have gotten the running streak back up to 12 days, so sometime this week I will probably take a day off just to keep the streak small. I did get back on the treadmill to do work on faster pace work on Tuesday. I like to go to the track, but at the same time, my pacing is inconsistent, compared to what I can force myself to do on the treadmill.

Right now consistency is something that I am looking for, so it is time to get back on the treadmill for my interval sessions. However, I have a feeling that I will be finding a different gym to do my treadmill training, UMA's little workout center, just wasn't what I a looking for.


Weekly Summary 8-30-15
Over 40 miles for the week for the past 5 weeks, so that is a good thing and again the key word I can use from this week is consistency.


New gear - none

New Shoes - none

Running shoe rotation last week:

  • Altra Torin 1.5
  • Asics Hyperspeed 6
  • Hoka Clifton V1
I did a comparison of the Torin's and Clifton's after more than 50 miles in both shoes. You can read about how feel about both shoes by reading: Hoka Clifton V1 versus Altra Torin 1.5 post.

Altra Torin 1.5 with LockLaces using heel-lock lacing technique

Asics Hyperspeed 6 - I like them -- a lot. I went over 50 miles in them this week and will be doing a review about them later next week. They have worked great on the track, road and treadmill. One thing I will say right now is that it is pretty bad when my race day shoes are more comfortable to run in than either of my daily trainers. Oh well...that blog post explains a lot of my frustrations about my daily trainers.


Other than a few of the usual niggles here or there and the muscle tightness from changing to running primarily in zero drop shoes, which is getting better each run - I can't complain.

The hamstrings probably will never be great, they are doing - well okay. I just think they do not like the faster paces that I am pushing on them. Although having the option of using a stand-up desk at times during the day is helping to keep them less argumentative.



The reality is that

I am happy with my move back to Google and in particular Blogger this weekend. It just feels more natural and easier to use than WordPress.com for me. No, I do not expect my stats to be inflated to these levels for long and that is definitely not why switched back.

I do really like the way that my Blog, Phone and Computer seem to be better integrated now that I have gone back into the Google silo. Sometimes you gotta go with one of the big three and pretty much use that silo, if you want the full benefits of an integrated system.

Running-wise consistency has been the watch-word and the more I keep running like this, hopefully the better I will run.

Now that the humidity has broken, my running will no longer be the slog-fest that it had become for a while and will hopefully get me in shape for the late September/October 5K races that I want to do.

Keep smiling and good things can happen.

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