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Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Rabbit Run and Then A Tortoise Run - RunLog 8-30-15

I have been wearing the Torin's a lot lately and this morning, I figured that I would go ahead and run in the Hyperspeeds for a change of pace - yeah I know (the play on words), but it definitely was a change of pace in a few spots.

It was just starting to get hot, so I knew that I wasn't going to do more too much more than 3.0 with Bennie. However, it wasn't too horrible humidity wise, so I thought we might do it a little quicker than usual.

I wasn't expecting Bennie to take off like a Bat Out Of Hell, but he did then, we did the obligatory stops to let him do his thing - 6 times. Oh well this is a Bennie run, so it was a lot more like intervals or fartlek training than a steady effort.

We did set a course record, which wasn't expected, but nice to do. Finally, a sub 25:00 minute run on this course - which is not easy going back up Stevens' Hill or that other little bump just after Tiffany. It was a tough run at times and at other times, I just seemed to be floating along. However, Bennie started to really flag the last half mile around Howard Circle and so we just ran comfortably, but he was ready to be done.

Very good first run.

Run #2

Just an easy 4.0 miler, nothing special other than I stopped down on Tiffany at a house with Yellow Apples that are already ripe and asked if I could have a couple of bucket fulls to juice - no problem, so I will go back later to get them.

I stayed at a pretty steady and comfortable 8:40 pace, but the last mile, I did something I very seldom do - took my shirt off. There was this blinding light all around me and I was glad that I didn't meet any vehicles and that there wasn't anyone out in the yards as I was finishing up. They definitely would have been blinded by the sun's reflection off my body.

Nope no pictures of me without a shirt on - it ain't a good sight!!!

After that was all done, Mary wanted 2 more raised garden bed created - fall plantings. So I dug out two more areas and sweat like a stuck pig. Yes, I remembered to put my shirt back on first, but best of all, I didn't drop a frame on my leg again. Yeah, I was pretty careful when handling those things this time... :-P

Hyperspeed 6's

It was weird, but my feet didn't bother at all in the Hyperspeeds. It is pretty bad when the best feeling/fitting shoes in your rotation are your supposed racing shoes. No, I wouldn't use them as my primary trainers, they are too minimal for my tastes, but I run well in them and they are put 'em on and forget about them shoes.

Maybe I should have gone with the DFA 33's instead of the Torins. I am sure that I will have a chance to get another pair of shoes over the next few months.

And yes, I got the footpad to sync with my Garmin again.

A couple of good runs, well one good fast one and one nice recovery - so I was happy with the results.

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