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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back in the Google Tech Silo - Again

When I returned to the world of work, little did I know what a difference it would make in the technology that I would use at home.

That's right I came out of retirement and have gone back to work as a part-time Administrative Assistant.

I like it and am very happy with how things are going, but I had to chuckle when I saw that work is using (for just about everything) - Google Apps. That's right Google Apps, the same stuff (with a few updates) that I used as a teacher back in the day and even when I first retired.

Which is fine by me, because even though it has been a few years since I really used Google Apps a lot, I kept my fingers in and dabbled around with Google's offerings, so the Google tech silo is pretty familiar to me.

Strangeness or is that Fickleness - Yeah me

Harold, it wasn't all that long ago, that you completely switched back over to everything Microsoft Yep, but that was before returning to work and having to use primarily Google Apps for 90% that I do.

Now I know that I am more than a little strange at time, when it comes to using technology, but I know what I like and what I do not like, when it comes to using tech.

It wasn't until my cat tripped me and I face-planted my Chromebook into the fireplace bricks that I really moved back toward the Microsoft silo, which was completed when I bought my ASUS signature laptop earlier this year.

The biggest thing that is a craw in my gizzard is that I don't like using one set of programs at work and a completely different set of tools at home. For me that just leads to confusion and frustration, which I don't need. Especially when I am in control of what I use at home and have access to the same/similar programs that I use at work.

Which led to a bit of a dilemma on my part.

I liked the Microsoft products I was using, Office, Outlook, etc. and was enjoying the new programs that came with Windows 10, but it was and would be a pain-in-the-ass to be constantly switching back and forth between the two silos.

Needless to say that was not going to work for me, so it was an easy decision to start moving back to the Google silo again, since I don't have any choice about what I use at work.

Moving back

So over the past month, I have slowly transitioned how I do things back to Google, notice I said back to Google.

The change back has been pretty much a seamless experience. I was familiar with Google Apps and moving things back to gMail, Chrome, Drive, Music, Photos/Picassa and all the other apps that have Microsoft counterparts that I was using was not too difficult.

I know that many of the Google Apps are not as sophisticated as their Microsoft counterparts, but at the same time most people and I know from my experiences, that I don't need/use all of the features, bells and whistles that come along with many Microsoft tools.

So while Google's Apps might less sophisticated at times, it doesn't mean that you cannot do what you need to do. I don't have any problems at all, either at work or home using Google Apps to get work done. Actually going back to Google actually was pretty quick - once I remembered where the commands were located in the various programs, because the interfaces are definitely different.

The biggest thing is that I still think that the sharing functions of Google's apps work better for me, than how Microsoft's do.

It was even easier because I am using an Android phone so now everything just seems to be all tied together a lot neater than the fragmented systems that I have used in the past few years.


The last straw, was yesterday when I decided to give Blogger a trial run this weekend. It just felt natural and intuitive for me to use again.

I have never loved or really liked WordPress.com, which has too many limitations and I just use it because it is where my blog is.

Screenshot of Blogger screen 8-29-15
Even in the short time of using Blogger, I am not fighting against the program to get my blog looking the way I want, what widgets I can use or not enjoying the writing experience because the window is so freaking small.

Since I have been using Blogger (hey, it has only been a day), it just feels right. Like I was returning home. Yes, Blogger has a few warts and stuff that is annoying, but I am familiar with those negatives too and they are less than what I am combatting now.

So I will probably end up staying right here and not worry about going back to WordPress.com, irregardless of the "starting over" yet again hit that my blog will take during the switch. That is a very tiny part of my blogging, it is just the inconvenience that changing a blog does for those who do read what I write.

Although automatically posting from Blogger to Facebook is not the easiest thing to do, but I will figure it out.

The reality is that

the move back to Google's tech silo was quick, easy and painless.

Yeah, I know you give up a certain amount of your privacy to use Google products, but I am have been deeply embedded into the Google universe before.

Even when the Internet was in its infancy, I have always gone online knowing that you do not have any privacy online. In my opinion if you believe that you have any privacy online, you have a great imagination, it just is not based in reality.

I guess it is just about limiting the number of eyes that you have looking down your pants and laughing at you - so to speak.

However, if something did happen to the ASUS, I probably would go get a Chromebook, since I have not played my single-player RPG games since I started work and I can get a decent Chromebook cheaper than I can a decent Windows machine.
Image a screenshot of google.com on 8-29-15
I guess it comes down to the idea that I am comfortable using Google products and like how things are just working for me.

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