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Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Got to Sleep in This Morning - RunLog 8-29-15

I got to sleep in this morning and it was wonderful, the alarm went off at 5:45 AM and I was able to ignore it. Bennie and I curled up, half-opened our eyes, then didn't move around too much until 7:20 - been a while since we have done that.

Then we just putzed around, kind of that lazy day kind of thing and didn't get out the door for our run until after 10:00 AM. It was starting to get warm, so I was pretty sure that it would just be an easy 3.0 miler.

For some reason or other Bennie didn't have any interest in going down back, he even turned around and pulled to go the other way (I think it was because we had company at the house and he loves seeing SD2), so I coaxed him a few times, we stopped once more and he wanted to go back. Then he suddenly got this bright idea that it was time for tug-o-war and off we went lickety-split down-back. Damn dawg.

He had to do lots of stop and sniffs, among other things, but by the time we got to the old cranberry bog on Blake, it was warm enough that I thought it would be a great idea to turn around right there. It was a good decision.

Bennie didn't struggle with the heat, but when the 3.0 miles were done, he was ready to stop.

Run #2

I waited to make sure Bennie was fine - 15-20 minutes (it is something that I tend to do between runs with him, I know that I am an old fuss-budget, but I like to see him stop panting before I head back out the door).

Mary was down-back picking blackberries, so I decided to just do an easier 4.0 miles and stayed up on top - doing laps on Philbrick Road.

I didn't work on speed or anything, I focused on running quietly in the Torin's and for the most part did a good job of it. Focusing so much on running quietly made it harder to maintain a quicker pace, but in the long run will make it so that I will be running more comfortably and it will become a more natural stride for me.

Although I did have to laugh a little, one the neighbors had company and they were out walking. As I went by the group this 7-8 year-old boy started to run in front of me. He stayed with me for about 200 yards and then started to breath pretty hard and was slowing down. As I went by I told him "great job, pretty soon you will be passing me". He just looked up at me, smiled and waved.

Kind of cool.

I picked it up a little that last quarter-mile and felt pretty strong when I got done - definitely could have gone for a lot longer run today. It was still warm enough that I drenched my shirt in sweat on both runs though.

However, the humidity levels are a lot lower than they were earlier in the week and there is a light breeze that makes it feel great out there...definitely a top ten day.

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