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Friday, August 28, 2015

Karma Kicked Me Square In The Ass

Sometime Karma has a way of kicking you square in the ass and it is a good thing.

Over the years I have gone back and forth in my blogging...starting out on Blogger, switching to Wordpress and its many, many derivatives and then always coming back to Blogger until Google does something asinine with it or should I say to it.

Driving myself crazy!
Some of you have been faithful readers and following the craziness of attempting to keep up with my constantly changing blogs and blog hosts. Which I appreciate more than you will ever know.

However, I have a feeling that it is going to happen - yet again.


I haven't been all that keen on the changes going on at WordPress.com.
  1. The way that the back-end is done now and how I interact there to make my blog my blog. 
  2. The new blog editor of WordPress.com doesn't do it for me (it sucks) and makes it difficult for me to write posts in it. I continue to use the "old" blog editor or use a word processor and paste the post in, but since they have a "new and improved" blog editor, how long they will allow users to keep using the old one is anyone's guess.
  3. Then there is the ever-present issue of not being able to use outside widgets - like the ones from Strava or Feedjit, which I like. Yes I do use and still like having a sidebar - like I said I am still old school.
  4. Finally, I like and dislike using my name as my URL, it does have its good points, but it also has more than a few negatives that I am mulling over a little more now. You know that I am back to work thing. Having a blog URL with your name is fine, but for me as an employee, I believe it is more proper to have my name not be the focal point of a blog's URL. Old-fashioned thinking - perhaps, but I am a bit old-fashioned, so it was/is on my mind.
With the amount of posts I have written on One Foot In Reality lately, and last spring when I deleted almost all the old posts (which I plan to finish off today), it seems to me that I have obviously been thinking about letting One Foot In Reality, just fade away into the sunset.

Hell, when I got the email from Google telling me that there was an issue with my renewal and I had to update my my card...well to be honest I just ignored it at first.

However, something was gnawing at me from the back of my mind...to not let it my old blog go quietly into the night.

At least not yet.

That gnawing got louder and louder and today when I was reading Stefan's blog, it finally bit me, I figured out exactly what was going on in that thick skull of mine.

After reading Stefan's post, I was thinking about what I want from my blogging and yes it is morphing more and more into something very different than it has been since 2011. I am continuing to move away from Harold who writes only about running and running product reviews, to writing more about other things that are wandering around my mind.

In other words, I have moved back to blogging - just for me.

Oh make no mistake about it, my blogging still focuses mostly on running and I plan to keep doing reviews of running shoes and other stuff that I actually use.

Which is cool since I enjoy writing about those things, but if I want to write about moving back to a different tech silo (which I am going to do), looking for the perfect job as an old fart, talking about juicing, health and all the other myriad of interests that I have - I want someplace where I do not feel limited by the title of the blog or the URL, to stay in a certain genre or focus.

But the experts...they say....who really gives a rat's ass - I don't anymore.

Let the experts go happily down their major expressways to blogging's gold and riches - me I am going to stick to that old country road and now take that road less traveled - it might make all the difference for an old coot like me.

It comes down to the idea that I enjoy writing about what is going on in this crazy, mixed up head of mine and putting what I consider appropriate to share out there for others to read and or comment on. Is it a bit narcissistic - possibly, but it - at least for me is another way to sort things out, help make sense of my life and at times have fun going back and re-reading what I write so I have a better idea of how I really felt about something, not just the romanticized version of things that gets into our heads.

That little kick in the ass from Karma today, made me realize it is time to go back to my roots, re-activate One Foot In Reality as my primary blog again.

Here it is - my first post coming back to the new - One Foot In Reality.

Welcome to my newest and oldest blog and I hope you do come along for the meandering thoughts that I will share along the way. Although I really hope that Google doesn't do anything to Blogger, to screw this wonderful plan of mine, but only time will tell if I have done the correct thing - for me.

Starting over - again

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  1. I'm finding it even more difficult to pen down stuff in my blog these days that I don't know how I managed 6 blogs at one go not too long ago ... yes, I really had 6 blogs ...LOL! But I too enjoy writing down stuff that forms in my head. For me, it's sort of a way I can relive my past.

    1. Thanks Nick, I am just trying to simplify, simplify and simplify some more. I love to write on my blog, but never really loved the WordPress.com platform...it is just well not exactly what I want. I like the freedoms of Blogger, as long as Google doesn't screw with it too much and keeps it simple to use and maintains it so that it remains stable. Yeah, I enjoy going back and reading about what really happened and how I was feeling in the past too - it makes me think about the choices I have made.

  2. I have just never been a huge fan of Blogger, but know it always pulls you back ... and I think it makes sense to segregate things mentally as you need to - runblog for running, general one that can cover everything. And I look forward to catching up with all of these posts :P

  3. Hi Harold,
    I've only used Wordpress. Now that I'm self hosted I get to experience all the fun of finding plugins and un-breaking my site every now and then. It's fun learning all of this stuff, but it does detract from writing.
    My blog has morphed from an open diary type format to a more focused format. Not sure I'm thrilled about the change but I have to consider the audience I'm trying to attract.
    I know that you have changed a few times and tried the more commercial approach also. Hopefully Google won't mess with you!


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