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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Raining Hat Syndrome - RunLog 8-31-15

Well the end of another month is upon us and to me, August 31st marks the official end to summer, even though the calendar and everyone else thinks it is later in September. Nope to me when August is over, so is summer.

So it was pretty fitting that today be a bit on the warmish side to finish out the month.

Leaves are starting to turn and drop - a sure sign that Fall is not that far away

Run #1

Bennie and went down-back, initially I had thought that we would go to the Town Office and do an easy 4.0, but Bean was already struggling by the time we got to 1.0 mile and by the time the bog came rolling up, it was time to turn-around and go home.

Now Bennie wasn't all that impressed by having to turn around at that point, but the way his tongue was hanging out and how he was starting to lag behind were pretty good clues that it was a good choice. Although he did surprise me going back up Stevens' Hill and he picked up the pace - not me. However, that didn't last too long.

We didn't push the rest of the way in and he didn't really seem all that interested in going any faster - he didn't even muster up the energy to do his usual tug-o-war going around Howard. So I knew my decision to 3.0 was definitely the right one today.

I even needed to change my shirt, because I had sweat so much.

Run #2

I had a bunch of stuff to get in Waterville (order new lenses for my glasses, get soil for the raised garden bed, shopping - you know the usual), so I would get a chance to run around Waterville. I knew that I needed 4.0 more miles to get over 190 for the month and with it already warming up into the 80's when I got started (Fred's Coffee), I figured that would be just about enough - although I had thought about doing the Champions 10K course - pretty seriously.

It was already hot when I finally got started, but there was a nice breeze, so I went down Armory Road and figured that I would decide whether to take a left on the 10K course or right to do 4.0 when I got to the stop sign.

Hell I didn't even get halfway down the road when I knew that I was taking the right and gonna do 4.0. Then I did something dumb on Pleasant St., I kept going straight, instead of turning for the 4.0 mile course, which meant that I would do at least 5.0.

Strava Stats 8/31/15
Mmmmm dumb. Conditions were not that bad, but still 80*F is 80* and by the time I got to the 4.0 mile mark and still had a mile to go, I was really kicking myself for not doing just the 4.0. I was ready to stop running (I didn't). Then going up the hill by Maine General my hat started to drip, then it dripped faster and faster, soon it looked like it was raining in front of my face.

I was having my own, personal sweat shower thanks to the visor of my hat. It was kind of cool, but a little yechhy too, especially when it started getting all over my glasses - not a good thing on busy streets.

Oh well, it isn't the first time this year my hat has rained and it was pretty fitting that it happened on what I consider the last day of summer.  Although it is supposed to be hot all week, so I have a feeling it won't be the last time my hat rains sweat down on me.

As for the run, it was a great reverse progression run, where each mile was slower than the previous one. It was a run, I got through it and made my mileage total for the month, so I was happy. To be honest though, that extra mile was really not all that necessary and I could have done without it. ;-)

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