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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Why This Header Image?

Of all the photos that I have in Google Photos, why did I choose this one?

The image that I chose is a photo that I took after a tough long run down-back that kicked my butt last fall and I had just finished cresting Stevens' Hill at the upper gate. I found the view so beautiful that I stopped and took this photo.

It has always been one of my favorite photos, because it reminds me of a tough run and the time of year that I love the most - Fall.

Bennie and I run down-back for about 80% of our runs together and to be honest Stevens' Hill kicks my ass almost every time, but once we get to the gate and see the tar, we know we are just about done and that it is time to start picking up the pace from hill slogging, back to running.

By the time we get to the tar, the exertions of the hill are forgotten and we are focused on continuing to pick up the pace even more to finish faster.

So it is one of my favorite spots to see again, on our many runs coming up from down-back and seemed to be the right choice as the image that I am using for One Foot In Reality.

Hey, a lot like picking up an old blog and rejuvenating it again - wouldn't you say.

Looking up the same way only today and back a little further.
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