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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

10 Blogs I Follow

One of the things that I have been asked more than a few times while I have wandered around the web are what blogs do I read or follow?  While I used to keep a blogroll on my sidebar, I haven't recently - for whatever reason.

Now this list is one of those things that evolves as my interests shift and certainly is not the same one that I had five, two or even a year ago.

A couple of bloggers that have stopped blogging recently and I miss/will miss their writing are:

Mike - Running Around the Bend
Amanda - Mizz Zippy

Your voices are/will be missed.

Current Blogs I Follow

There is no particular order to the blogs of preference or anything, it was just the order they showed up in Feedly for me.

Runblogger - Pete Larson

His tastes in running shoes are pretty close to mine, except that I like a wider toe box. But really his blog is evolving, he has recently gone from being solely focused on runblogging and talking primarily about the different running shoes and from what I can see is having a blog mid-life crisis (that sort of mirrored some the changes in his personal life). To broadening the focus of his blog and bringing it back to what it was when he started out...a web log that includes posts on running shoes. I like it better now - it shows who Pete really is - and that he is not just another schill for brands.

Road, Trail, Run - Sam Winebaum

Sam is someone I have had the pleasure to actually meet, run with and then sit down and talk about much more than just running. He is a GREAT guy who has a lot of insight into what he writes about and is very knowledgeable about life beyond running. He also likes pretty much the same shoes as I do, so if he highly recommends a particular type of running shoe, I listen closely.

The Running Drummer - Stefan Griffin

Stefan is a fairly new runner, who is also a large runner (over 300 pounds) and on a journey to become more healthy and find his niche in the music industry as a drummer. Over the past 6 months or so, we have connected online. He shares some of the same issues online and with his running shoes, in that he is searching for just the right ones and where he feels most comfortable writing. He is what I call a blog butterfly flitting from one thing to another, without staying there for long, as he searches for where he belongs. I expect him to find his groove pretty soon and not be like I have been over the years - the prototypical blog butterfly

Maine Running Photos - David Colby-Young

David and all the volunteers who contribute to Maine Running Photos, give runners in Maine a place where their photo just might be and be able to see themselves running. Most of us do not get too many photos of ourselves running, especially for free. So this site provide a great service to all runners in Maine.

Mercola.com - Dr. Joseph Mercola

You don't get the "pop a pill" answer to all medical problems. While I scratch my head sometimes on some of the things that are recommended here and don't always agree with everything written...the posts do make me stop and think about things that in the past, I would have just not given that second thought or go what kind of quackery is this? Also the extensive links and references give you plenty of information to pursue what has been written more in-depth.

Running With the Girls - Jen Boudreau

Jen has been one of the people who supported my run blogging back when I first started. We meet up at various local races and swap stories and support each other where we can. She is a former special ed teacher (so was I), who moved into the regular ed classroom and shows parts of his life beyond being a runner. She races a lot more than I do, so I get to race locally vicariously through her and her writing.

Free Technology for Teachers - Richard Byrne

We each began blogging around the same time and developed a friendship through our blogging. Although I left teaching 4 years ago, I am still into using tech and while Richard's blog focuses on technology for teachers, the stuff he writes about is applicable to many other fields as well.  

Satisfying Retirement - Bob Lowry

Bob has a lot of common sense advice for those who are or will be retiring soon.  I find his posts very informative and have learned a lot about things we should have and should be doing before we decide to retire - the next time.

Shut Up and Run - Beth Risdon

When I started running again after my surgery in 2011, I found Beth's blog, she is fun to read, a little edgy/potty minded and laughs at herself a lot, which make you laugh along with her.  She usually humorously tells her stories about her running, with a little bit about family and friends mixed in.

The Art of Manliness - Bret & Kate McKay

Just a lot old fashioned information on being a man, but written for today's world.  Good reads and good advice and not just for men. 

The Reality is That

This is certainly a lot different than earlier lists of bloggers that I follow.  There is much more variety than in the past and better reflects the wide range of interests that most of us do have. In other words I am more than just a runner.

As my interests change this page will change and will be updated.  If you decide to stop by and check out any of these blogs, I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

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  1. Fun list - I always love when I see a list that has:
    - Not all running / food bloggers
    - People I don't know.

    So a big score on this one.

    Two other notes:
    - Did you see Pete just reviewed the Saucony Kinvara 6? Pretty much same as the 5 but tighter fit (especially in the toe). That would make it a "HECK NO" for you I assume, and also kills any attraction for me (I continue to be happy with my 5s, but know I need to get a new pair before winter).
    - As I was typing this the little video ad square below the 'Links to this post' kept force-self-centering itself until it was done, which was annoying (I could see exactly one line of what I was typing) ... and then after it finished playing the area went blank and after a bit totally locked the page, forcing me to 'recover page'. Fortunately I copy my text frequently after too many browser crashes ;)
    - Oh ... one last thing - I kept missing seeing your posts in my WP browser this weekend (wasn't checking RSS) and then realized ... um, yeah :D

    1. Yeah, I saw that on Pete's blog and I don't know why the brands always seem to narrow up a shoe, every time they update. Never understood that part of the design process. I wonder how much the "sloppy fit" feedback from narrow footed runners plays a part???

      I wonder what is going on with that, I will look at the Adsense ads that I put in a long time ago and see if that is the problem if it is, I will get rid of it.

      You can add non WP blogs to your WordPress blog feed reader, so you don't miss my pithy words of wisdom hehehehehe

  2. Hey thanks for the plug Harold!

    I've decided to stay with Wordpress. The interactions are too important to me over there :)

    I plan on doing a similar post about who I follow; you will definitely be on the list!


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