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Monday, September 28, 2015

A Couple of Slower Paced Runs - RunLog 9-28-15

Another gorgeous day for running, mid-50's a light breeze and just a damn nice day for running.

Run #1

This morning's run with Bennie was the usual stop and go, go and stop with a couple of quick spots in between. In other words, a pretty typical Bennie run.

We went down to the Town Office and back and just enjoyed the weather.

Run #2

I wanted to do something different today.

So I went up to Waterville and ran a course that I have run for quite a while. It is mostly a flat course, but it does have some quick hills. Also, I was just looking for a nice recovery run and just put some extra miles on the legs.

The first mile was mostly downhill, so it was the fastest one, then along Silver Street it is mostly flat. After Martin's Stream, it is pretty much a gradual uphill, with a couple of bumps.

I had to laugh that I finished in the top 10 for the Lincoln Street Hill segment, I certainly wasn't going for any speed up the hill. It just shows that not too many people run up this hill, a lot more run down it.

It did make me appreciate being able to run down-back and not have to deal with the in-town traffic.

Overall, it wasn't that tough a run, I was after the miles more than a faster pace. For the next week or so, my faster paces are going to be slower than normal, I want to give the hammies a little break and let them heal up a bit, before I go after a faster time in a 5K.

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