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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Day of Rest - RunLog 9-2-15

I had a small double-digit run streak starting and I am not much of a streaker (either kind), so I have been looking for a day that is natural to take it off.

Knock off the double meanings Harold

Wednesdays are my long day at work. I have to be there for 10:00 AM and don't get out until 8:00 PM, so it is just a long day, even more so because the rest of the work days are only 5 hour days.

It means that if I want to get a run in with Bennie, then do another for me, in addition to getting my chores done, everything starts out on screech at wake up and speeds up from there.

Today, I got to thinking (I know it is dangerous), why not just walk Bennie, do breakfast and my chores, get out for another short walk with him, relax for a few minutes, then get ready for work.

Which meant no run.

The good

No stressing out about where, how fast, how far, is Bennie going to deal okay with the heat and the myriad of other things that go through my head, before we head out for a run. We just walked today, it was a nice change of pace (play on words there).

He was able to stop, sniff, do his business several times and was prancing down the road, like he wasn't minding the day off either.

I got to work, I didn't have to worry about still being all sweaty and nasty, even though I had just taken a shower - you know that after workout crap where you still sweat for another hour or so after you get out of the shower.

Now it was a more relaxed Wednesday before work than I have had for a while. Plus I already have 17 miles in for the week and will have 5 more days to reach that magical number 40 that I aim for.

The bad

I didn't run. I missed my run and even though I know that I am supposed to take a day off here and there, I really missed my run and would much rather have run than doing the relaxing routine. I know I am a crazy runnah, but hey - I love to run.

Yep, the old coot is certifiable.


One thing that I did notice about myself today.

I was eating everything and anything I could find. I had a bad case of the rungries. Almost uncontrollable and yes I was fully hydrated. The body needed some sustenance, which is weird, because I don't let it starve - that is for sure.

The reality is that

I need to really schedule one day off a week, just to let the body relax a little, do some repairs to itself and all that other stuff that a rest day is supposed to do. I don't enjoy the day off from running, but at the same time I know that I need to do them, even as much as I whine about not running.

It seems that Wednesday's might be the best day of the week for that routine day off, especially since I tend to do my hardest speed work sessions on Tuesday and then something longer on Thursdays.

So it looks like the natural rhythm of my week is turning Wednesday's into my "off" day from running.

Sometimes it is pretty cool how things work themselves out.

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