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Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Decision is Made For Me - RunLog 9-3-14

It went back to being hot and sticky again.

This morning's 4.0 mile run with Bennie, wasn't all that bad, it was nothing special. We ran down to the Old Dump and back, nothing hard, because the humidity was over 90% and Coach Bennie decided that today was a slow day. Even when we were running, he was just plugging along, not even going into chase mode when a truck went by.

Unfortunately, the one thing I was worried about finally occurred while running in the Clifton's, they move from simply annoying my right foot, to them reaching into the discomfort feeling. Not a good thing. Based on what happened this morning I lost all confidence in them and they have been thrown out on the front lawn waiting to be taken to the back of the garage and they will go away.

I have had several pair of shoes that once they get into the 50-100 mile point, suddenly without warning they just stop working for me and begin to significantly bother my right foot during a run. Today, the Clifton #3 reached that point and I am sure that if I had to run any further this morning in them, the discomfort would have turned to pain.

The Clifton V1 #3's are banished and will be gone shortly. Based on previous experiences there is no sense in continuing to abuse my foot with these shoes now, putting them away and then getting them out a couple of months down he road, will not change how they affect my foot.

So much for my forever shoes.

Run #2

Since the Clifton's are no longer a part of my rotation, that pretty much left me with the Altra Torin 1.5's, which if you have been following along have shown me that they are not the answer either, since I can't comfortably run more than 4-5 miles in them, before they start to bother my feet (both feet not just my right foot). So I needed something more.

After doing a bunch of errands in Waterville, I was going by Olympia Sports and decided to swing in and see if they had anything that would work.

I tried on some Asics, looked at a few pair of Nike and UnderArmour, but nothing really fit the way I was looking. I was thinking that I would have to head down to Augusta and see if they had anything that would work. Then I walked over to the discounted section - after looking around for a bit, I saw a pair of Nike Lunar Glide 5's in 9.5. Now I usually wear an 8.5, but historically for me Nike runs smaller, so I figured why not try them on.

They fit, well a little too long, but otherwise they felt better than anything I have felt on my feet in a long time. After thinking about how much trouble I would be in with Mary, I decided they felt good enough to risk her wrath, even with the very conservative colorway.

Nike Lunar Glide 5's
The run was hot/humid and nasty, but I wasn't interested in running fast, I was only interested in running comfortably. Which is exactly what happened, at no time during the run did either of my feet bother me - at all.

The LG5's felt light-weight, comfortable, cushioned and allowed me to run the way that I run. However, the colorway - to be kind - sucks, but if they are comfortable to run in, I really don't give a rat's ass about what they look like.

One run doesn't make anything other than an initial impression, but I will say that the initial impression is better than average.

Now to face the music, well Mary.

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  1. LOL I got some Nikes today as well. Great minds think alike!

  2. Hehehehe, I thought you were not getting anymore shoes for a while, you must be a runnah hehehehehe

    1. Yeah - I realized that the Pegasus 32s just aren't working out for running, so I was able to get two pairs for the price of one (Wildhorse and LunarTempo).

      Now I'm done!

    2. Until the great deal ;-). hehehehe


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