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Monday, September 14, 2015

A Little Drizzle and Barking Hammies - RunLog 9-14-15

The weather is pretty much that great running time of year - maybe a touch too humid at above 90%, but with the temps in the high 50's/low 60's it is manageable and when the humidity turns to drizzle it makes it pretty nice for running in my opinion.

Augusta Rail Trail Head

Run #1

Bennie was ready and willing to go first thing this morning. Since the next couple of weeks I have to take Mary to work in the morning, it seems like Bean and I are going to be doing quite a few early morning runs. I'm thrilled can't you tell...but Bennie loves the early running, so it evens out.

Looking down towards Stevens' Hill 9-14-15
However, one of the things about running first things is that "critters" have been moving around down-back overnight and leaving messages for other critters to notice. As much as we spoil and coddle Bennie - he actually is still a critter and Bennie takes notice of all those messages that are left behind and he wants to add his message to the conversation.

Which means it is a great interval workout...we go for a ways, he stops leaves a message and then we go again, repeat, repeat, repeat, seven to ten times a run. Which means that just about the time that my legs get going, we are getting ready to stop again.

It is a run and even though it gets a little frustrating during the stopping starting parts of it, I can't imagine not running with the Bean. He just runs with such joy and freedom.

Run #2

After dropping off Mary, I headed down to the Augusta Rail Trail Head for another 5.0 or so. My hamstrings were barking pretty loud when I started, so I knew that it wasn't going to be anything more than a comfortable run with a couple surges if the hammies loosened up.

When I started the drizzle was coming down pretty good, so I left my glasses in the truck. Which didn't help things, because I slow down automatically since I don't see so good without them. I just don't have the confidence about being able to see too far ahead if something is going on or the surface ain't quite even .

Strava Stats 9-14-15
Slowly but surely the hammies started to relax and I was able to get a nice comfortable stride going and coming back from Hallowell, I decided to go up the YMCA cutoff to add a little extra on and get used to that hill a little more. There are a couple of places that if you don't know about them, that you could slip a little or catch a pothole wrong, so the more I run up and down it, the more familiar I am with the hazards. :-)  There might be a couple of races that I run in the next few weeks that use this as part of their course.

It wasn't the most consistent run I have had, but considering everything it was a good run.

As I was finishing up the sun came out and the drizzle went away, so I finished just in time.

I try not to whine too much about my ongoing physical stuff, but you know something it sure would be interesting to see how much difference it would make in my running, if I didn't have to contend with the back of my legs from Hamstrings to the Periformis barking at me so much. Oh well, it isn't anything that I will ever know, it is what it is and if I want to run, I just gotta suck it up buttercup and stop whining. But still I wonder.

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  1. Can't ever NOT wonder, really ... and I don't think you talk about it much, to the point that when you do say something I worry! So I am glad it is just an annoyance! Hope the job continues to go well also!

  2. Thanks Mike, sometimes I think I whine too much about things, but I try not to. Job is still going well and getting busier, learning a lot, not stressing and when I walk out the door, I leave it there. ;-)


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