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Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Mile Time Trial - RunLog 9-6-15

It was just starting to warm-up by the time Bennie and I headed out this morning. I figured that we do an easy 3.0 miles and then I would go back out for another 3-6 miles without him.

Well that was the plan.

Going out we were both feeling pretty good and while we were not pushing or anything, we still were moving along right around an 8:30 pace and it felt pretty comfortable. Going down the ledges we were really feeling good

and I got this brain cramp.

Why not go up Bartlett and then come back down it to see how fast we could do that mile. Now this can be a fast mile, but the first 50 yards are a little uphill, then it is downhill until the last 200 yards, then it is back uphill again.

While it is a fast mile, those last 200 yards are TOUGH.

We were running really, really good all the way down Bartlett and then when we turned onto Tiffany, we did slow a little and Bennie looked at me and slowed up just a tad, his tongue was hanging pretty hard. I still was feeling strong, but a little worried about da dawg, so I didn't push the pace any harder. If it had been a mile race, I was still feeling pretty strong, but tiring.

However, when we got to the dirt, I did slow down, the uphill the last part of the mile was too much to just keep pushing the pace. But you know something, I think that this is a great course to build that toughness you need for the last 200 of a race, if I can finish faster on an uphill in practice, it simulates the toughness I need to really push at the end of a race.

Once we hit the top of the hill (the 3.0 mile mark), we did stop to start breathing again. I also wanted to see how the Bean was doing.

After I started to breath somewhat normal, I went over and he just looked at me like, come'on you old fart, we are supposed to be running, not standing here. Then he proceeds to start pulling me to get going again. Damn Dawg!

We then did a pretty slow last couple of miles. I thought about picking the pace back up coming back down Philbrick, but the mental toughness wasn't there and the legs thought it was not the best idea I have ever had. So I listened to the body and just relaxed and brought it home.

Bennie wasn't ready to stop, but I was, my hat was raining sweat and my shirt was soaked, so it was time to go in. Bennie let me know he wasn't happy, but when I said, "let's go eat", he cocked his head sideways, thought about it for all of a second and turned dragging me towards the house. Damn Dawg!

I was really happy with my effort and how fast we did run that mile. It was the fastest mile I/we have run, since I returned to Strava this spring and I popped in a few strides under the magical 6:00 minute pace, so it felt good. No, it wasn't all that easy, but sometimes training isn't supposed to be easy and you need to challenge yourself in order to get better.

Which even as an old fart, I think that I can get better than I am right now, but reality also is that I know that I will slow down no matter how hard I run, it is just a matter of how much, how soon. All I can do is delay the inevitable. :-)

Which is what I will do for as long as I can. Damned old farts.

Oh yeah, what shoes did I do this in?  Why the Nike Lunar Glide 5's, they just felt right and were extremely comfortably at the higher speeds, especially coming down the hill, when my stride is even more of a heel strike than usual. Loving the LG5's so far.

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