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Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Nice and Quiet Week - Week In Review 9-13-15

The weather finally broke, the heat AND humidity we have been enduring lately disappeared later in the week and made the running much more enjoyable.

Running in the slog mode that high heat/humidity running becomes had me questioning whether I was loosing any speed that I might have left. While I have not been burning up the roads since the weather broke, I feel comfortable that I can still run fast (for me).

No whining or complaining about my daily trainers - something that is pretty new to me -- at least lately.

My favorite photo from the week:

Looking down the Kennebec River, from the old Augusta Armory

The really amazing thing is that it was a nice quiet week, where nothing all that interesting happened. Sometimes boring is pretty damn good.

My running challenges and goals?

They haven't changed for a while now - I will break 22:00, then go after a post-55 PR (21:20) in a 5K at some point this year. The big thing here is that I have to actually run in a race to do it and I haven't felt like racing lately, so this is kind of hanging around in the wind and not much is happening to get there.


My training last week consisted of:

This week was actually a pretty good week. I had a long run of over 8.0 miles and my average pace once the heat/humidity broke, my comfortable pacing got a little quicker. However all of those runs were Bennie runs, so they were more like Fartlek runs than a steady state easy run.

I did hit a couple of pretty quick paces for a short time, so all the speed isn't gone, it was just playing hide and seek. Which is something that I have a feeling it is going to do more and more over the next few years. :-)


Yeah I could have gotten a few more miles in again this week, but I have found that 40 miles or so is my sweet spot and when I stay around that total, I haven't run into major over-use issues. It seems to be working, so unless I get an ant up my whinny I don't plan on going too much over that.

Well until I get to do a Harold being Harold type activity.


New gear - None

New Shoes - None

Shoes I ran in last week:
  • Nike Lunar Glide 5's
I wrote a 50 mile review on the Hyperspeed's and you can read about it here.

Asics Hyperspeed 6 - I like them -- a lot as you can tell by how I raved about them in my 50 mile review. They just work really well for me.

Nike Lunar Glide 5 - Yep, this week was all about the Lunar Glide's. I haven't run in anything else since I bought them and here is my 50 mile review of them. They are working and while I won't confuse them with the Hyperspeed's when it comes to be a fast shoe, that isn't why I got them. However, I can move right along in them if I want or need to change up a workout on the fly.

Hoka Clifton #3 - gone

Altra Torin 1.5 - Not sure what I am going to do with them. They are a nice shoe, but I am finding that zero drop shoes cause my Achilles (both of them) to complain too much and the firmness of the Torin 1.5 is not what I am looking for. Too bad because I do love the fit of the upper, but when I run in them compared to the LG5's, there is no comparison.

The Brooks Cascadia 9's are in the same pile as the Hoka's, I wore them on a Bennie walk and my right foot was sore as hell after just a mile, that ain't gonna work. Bye, Bye.


Same as last week on this one. This is getting repetitive and is really what I would love to keep writing.

Other than a few of the usual niggles here or there nothing of note.

The hamstrings probably will never be great, they are doing - well okay. I just think they do not like the faster paces that I am pushing on them. Although having the option of using a stand-up desk at times during the day is helping to keep them less argumentative.



The reality is that

I am still very happy with my move back to Google and in particular my move back to Blogger. I am still exploring the changes to the Google way of doing things now, compared to how they did them in the past. There are a more changes than you think, some are subtle and others are pretty easy to spot.

The Lunar Glide 5's are continue to do well in the short time I have had them. Now that my feet don't bother me as much when I am running, I might get back into running those longer runs - again. Which is something as crazy as it sounds, I missed. I actually enjoy the long runs and I believe they do more than just add miles into the log book.

There is a race down in Augusta next weekend and I am thinking that I might want to run it. No guarantees and I have not pre-registered.

All I know is that I am enjoying my running more than I have in a while and with the weather getting better, the running is only going to get better.

Keep smiling and good things can happen.

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