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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 2015 - Re-organizing So Much -- Month In Review

If July was a month of change, then August was a month of organizing, re-organizing, organizing some more, getting accustomed to having a schedule to follow, attempting to setup a system on how to get things done at work and at home, keep myself sane and finally, still getting my running in. All while having another birthday.

My favorite photo last month:

It shows how tough it is to see with glasses in high humidity

Turning 58

I turned another year older, not old enough to get to the next age group, but 58 is pretty damn close to 60. In my opinion (and opinions are like assholes, we all have them), aging is not a mind-set and no you are not as young as you feel and all that other bullshit, we are what we are and I am now 58 and nothing can change that.

Not a great selfie, but after running on one of those super muggy days down on the Rail Trail, it was what I felt like.
Sometimes it is hard to believe that I have spent 58 years on this little blue ball and I really believe it is a great time to be alive. I am damn proud to have lived this long, unfortunately, there are many others who graduated from high school back in 1975, who are not alive or no longer living and yes there is a difference between living and being alive.

From my perspective - Living is different than simply breathing, eating, farting and sleeping.

I am one of the lucky ones - I am still living.

Over those 58 years, I have learned a lot about myself and many other things, as well as accumulating a lot of different aches and pains, which are all just a part of the deal that seem to happen as I have gotten older. 

No, I am not unique or anything else, just an old fart, who wants others to know a little about what is knocking around in the old noggin every so often. One of those things is to show and write about the fact that not everything is bad about getting older and it is just a part of living. That is another thing, besides running that I will be writing more about here in the future.

Maybe that is the real reason I came back to One Foot In Reality, I feel that I can give out pithy little tidbits of advice like this and it fits into the theme and context of this blog...after all I have to keep only one foot in reality, but that doesn't mean the rest of me is any where close hehehehe.

Ah the crotchety old fart has spoken - again. Now that I have gotten off the my soapbox...until next time.

How have I done in August?


Pretty damn good. No stoopid injuries or maladies to report. I got over 190 running miles in, despite it being August and going back to work. Although I am/have been tweaking my running shoe rotation, I still am not happy with it. 

Especially, since the Blue Clifton's are over 400 miles, the other two pair of Lime Clifton's just do not fit the same - which sucks, because I really thought that I had found "my shoes". Evidently I have learned that I was wrong and the Altra's while they fit great, I am not sure that zero drop fits the way that I run. Yeah the jury is out on what direction I will be heading when I need to get my next pair of daily trainers.

At Work

At work, I am continually attempting to simplify my approach to what I need to do, changing things as I am sort of, starting to have a clue on what I am doing. No big planner is necessary, a steno pad is my friend and a portfolio works better than a notebook. Most everything else can be done online in Google Apps. My phone lives in my backpack, not my pocket and my lunch bag sits on my table. It usually takes about 3 months to really get to where I can get going with the touch-it once system, that I prefer to use, but it will get there.

I am  not that thrilled by Google Tasks, which to me has very limited capabilities for getting things done. So I am exploring different ideas on this, but I am still looking for an TODO app that works the way I want it to - I have not found much out there that integrates creating a task from gMail easily, shares with others and be in the Google Store, since everything else is locked out. What am I missing?

At Home

At home, I have switched back to the Google Tech silo. It doesn't make any sense for me to go back and forth between Microsoft and Google, depending upon where I am. It is easier for me to just use Google for most everything and not worry about the rest of it.

Luckily I switched back to my Motorola Android phone earlier this year, otherwise, my tech would have been really fragmented: an iPhone 5C, ASUS Windows-based laptop, an old MacBook Pro laptop, a Kindle Fire and everything else Google. Not an easy way to deal with technology or very integrated - too damn many "protected interest" silos. 

I will be keeping my ASUS laptop that runs Windows 10, I like the way it works for me and it is pretty much new. However, I think a 13" Chromebook, with 4GB of RAM or a larger android tablet with a keyboard, would probably work just as well, except for playing my RPG games.


On the blogging side, you might have noticed that I have resurrected my old One Foot In Reality blog...I have always preferred Blogger over WordPress.com, but for various reasons, I didn't make the switch back last year, when I should have. Shame on me, but until Google does something stupid with Blogger, I plan on staying here and enjoying the flexibility and features that I couldn't access without paying more money to the good folks over at WordPress.com.

Big Running Goal - Being Realistic

Hey I have kept the same running goal for two months now - it must be a new record with all the changes going on.

It is true that I tend to believe/think about/remember how I "used" to run, versus the runner I really am, errrr in other words not actually all that good now or "back in the glory days".

Which is a problem and means that some of the goals I used to set for myself might be a little unrealistic for the runner that I am today or really ever was.

I have finally accepted that my running goals for this year are a bit more conservative than in the past:
  1. Run 2,015 miles for 2015
  2. Break 6:00 for the mile
  3. Break 22:00 for the 5K
  4. Once I do that chase my post-55 PR of 21:20
  5. Then go after a sub 21:00
  6. If I do that, start chasing that sub 20:00 goal again

August Running Summary

The story of my running in August can be summed up in one word: Consistent

191.5 miles for August is not a record or anything, but it is a lot of miles for a month that I have trouble running in, in most years due to the higher humidity levels. So I am very happy with that. At some point the hat will stop raining sweat and I will be able to pick up the pace (for me at least), which will be nice. Plus I think Bennie will be happier running in the cooler temps.
  • Week 1:  42.3
  • Week 2: 46.0
  • Week 3:  41.5
  • Week 4:  40.8
  • Week 5:  43.5


Nothing that really jumps out at me. 

This one stays here every month and is just the reality of being 58. The minor aches and pains that go along with getting to be an old fart, who runs, stays active and doesn't march to the beat to same drummer as everyone else.

Running shoe rotation

My current shoe rotation is:
  • Hoka One One Clifton - Lime #2 or Clifton #3
  • Altra Torin 1.5
  • Asics Hyperspeed 6
  • Skechers GoRun Ultra
I gotta admit that I like the Blue Clifton's better than the Lime one's, the toe box just feels better.
  • Skechers GoRun Ultra's - I am going to use them for trail running at Quarry Road, Bond Brook or other trails, the added grip compared to the others could be the difference between staying upright or ending up on my ass.
Skechers GRU post-surgery
Skechers GRU post-surgery
  • Asics Hyperspeed 6. Actually they are due for a 50 mile review and I am planning on doing one on them later this week. So far I am very happy with them. I run comfortably and well in them.
Asics Hyperspeed 6 with orange laces
Asics Hyperspeed 6 with orange laces
Altra Torin 1.5 - My primary trainers are now the Altra Torin 1.5's and while they are working good enough, I can tell already they are not the answer I am looking for. I don't believe that zero drop is necessarily the "right answer" for me and how I run, although it does help to tweak my form, but a steady diet, causes other issues. Maybe with a little more time, they will feel perfect, but if today's second run is an example of where I am heading, it will not be for long, I do not my feet to feel this way after a run.

Hoka Clifton #3 - Unfortunately, they are right on the cusp of being too narrow for my right foot and it does affect how I run in them. I am always waiting to see how much my right foot is going to bother while running, instead of focusing on just running. While they have never really gotten to the point of pain or discomfort, it is a distractions that is always there.

Which means I am already in research mode for what my next pair will be, when these rotation shoes are a little more tired - not what I really want to do, but...well if I ain't happy with my running shoes - things have a way of changing around here
Running Shoes that went away in August or on their way out.

  • Skechers GoRun Ride 4 - Even though I did shoe surgery, it wasn't enough to make it so I could run comfortably in them.
  • Hoka Clifton V1 Lime - My second pair of Clifton's. While I almost made it to 300 miles in them, unfortunately, they bothered my right foot a little too much and were simply becoming too much of a distraction.
  • Saucony Kinvara 5 - I loved the fit/feel and looks of these shoes and rescued them from the "get gone" pile at least 5 times. However, as much as I wanted to run well in them, my right knee, just never felt right running in them.


  • None - working evenings did impact my racing at Bond Brook and Quarry Road.

The reality is that

a lot has changed and I really hope that the changes begin to slow down, as I settle into the new stage of my life and what I am doing to live as well as I can.

The big thing is that I like the direction my running and life are going.

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  1. Great month and summary! And ooh the new format is crisp and clear and gorgeous - good move back to Blogger :)

    And I always love the way you look at age!


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