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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Checking Out the Hammies - RunLog 9-26-15

After all my whining about my hamstrings after the race yesterday, I was not optimistic about how they would be feeling this morning.

Actually they didn't feel too much different than usual, not great...but not to the point where I wouldn't do a lot on them either. In other words, they were still in one piece and none the worse for wear after the 5K yesterday.


That meant Bennie and I got to go for our morning fartlek run. Take a look at the graph and you will see what I mean. We never went all that fast, but ended up - somehow with a pretty consistent mile pace 4 out of the 5 miles.

Strava Stats 9-26-15

Although if you look in between the mile intervals, there was no consistency.

Bennie was side-to-side, running circles, pulling on the leash and just being generally obnoxious most of the run. It might have something to do with it being a great day for running and that we went a couple of miles longer than usual. Yes, we both were feeling a little frisky this morning.

No, I would not have wanted to run another race this morning, doing the 5.0 was nice and just enough.

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