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Monday, September 7, 2015

Choosing a New Running Shoe

Last week I wrote about the mythological perfect running shoe and how elusive it has been for me to find that beast.

Nike Lunar Glide 5's
I know that soon I will be starting my quest for the that elusive perfect running shoe again. Especially, since I am currently running in shoes that are Version 5, the current model is Version 7 and am putting a lot of miles on them pretty quickly.

So have you been like me, drooling and fantasizing over the 2016 running shoe models that will be coming out in the next few months?

You know all those ones that Sam over at Road, Trail, Run has been showing on his blog from the Outdoor Retailers Expos last month, Pete Larson's - Runblogger and all the other great blogs devoted to making our mouths water over the new shoes that will be coming out soon.

You know the, newest, greatest, most technologically advanced running shoes by (__ you put in the brand and style__) and now you are secretly looking all the ads, tech specs, pre-release blog posts and pictures of people running in cool places with those shoes on, to see which one you are going to spend your hard earned cash on.

Yes. I. am.

Stop, do you really love me.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light - by Meatloaf.

Why We Need to Stop and Sleep On It

Caveat Emptor = Buyer beware

Do you really need another pair of running shoes that will end up in the closet or be gotten rid of surreptitiously, so that your spouse or significant other, doesn't give you crap for spending over $100 bucks for another pair of damn running shoes.

I have entered that dog house too many times. I really want to avoid it over the next few months - for a change.

What am I going to do about it?

Do Some Thinking First

Stop and think have you been influenced by a lot of good marketing, smart advertising and been slickly "moved" to that I gotta have it - now feeling. I know that happens to me and probably you, all too often when it comes to the newest and greatest running shoes.

Before leaving the house, with lustful images of you coming out with a certain pair running shoes from your favorite local running store that you have to have or before getting my credit card out for some hot online shopping!

Stop and ask yourself:

What kind of running are you going to mainly do with these shoes?
  • Outside running in winter conditions
  • Outside running in decent weather
  • How many miles are you running - this makes a big difference on what you really need
  • Treadmill
  • Trails
  • Roads
  • Racing
  • Do you have any special requirements for your shoes? minimalist, stabilization, light, orthotics, wide feet, narrow feet, over-pronation, supination, etc.? If you don't know these terms most of the running magazine websites have great glossaries that give definitions of what these terms mean
  • Do you have a brand of shoe that you have used successfully in the past and like?
  • Is your current model working for you and worn out or is it just not working for you?
  • If you want to change, what is the reason behind wanting to change brands/models?
  • Has your current model been "updated" or discontinued? What are the reviews of the updated version?
  • Are the shoes you are lusting after, actually going to do what you are looking for?

Write it down

Yep, it is a pain in the ass to write things down, but I have found if I go ahead and do just that, I think about what I really am looking for from my next new running shoes versus just spontaneously buying another pair based on a great marketing campaign.

What are others saying

Find out what others are saying about those running shoes you are lusting over. Go to the blogs, online retailers, talk with your local running store sales force, other runners and people you have come to know, who you respect their opinion about running and running shoes.

 Then check out the manufacturer's website and check-out the shoes that you are interested in. Look at the specs and the write-up from them and compare their claims to what you have learned from other sources.

Yes, I have become rather cynical when it comes to all those wonderful things a brand claims about their newest and greatest running shoes. Sometimes the brand's marketing spiels and the real-world usage do not match up. It is important to know why there might be differences and what they are.

The reality is that

If you do some research before you leave the house or shop online you will be better prepared and have an idea of at least 4-5 shoes that you really want to look at more closely when you go looking for new shoes and what they will cost you for the privilege of running in them.

Who knows if you do a little research beforehand, maybe you won't come home with or get that box from UPS  - with another pair of running shoes that aren't what you expected. Woudn't it be a strange and wonderful experience to have a pair of running shoes that you are liking and they are still in your current running shoe rotation.

Versus having another pair where ever you hide the ones that don't work for you or having to listen to your significant other bitch about how much you are spending on running shoes that just sit there an then you give the damn things away.

It does happen.

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