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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Continuing To Learn

Every so often I am going to look at things a little differently.

Well from the perspective that I have gained on my way to being or at least becoming a crotchety old fart, who isn't trying to impress the world anymore.

I know my place in the scheme of things and have accepted that it ain't a very big one. However, every once in a while I have one of those brain farts and just want to share the effects it had on me with all of you. hehehehe

Yeah, we gotta keep that One Foot In Reality most of the time.

As I have gotten a bit older, the biggest thing that I have learned over the years wasn't a specific fact, belief or anything else, it is a lot more basic than that. 

Well what is your pithy advice this time?

One of the most important thing in our lives is to:
continue to learn.
  • learn more about the things that fascinate you,
  • learn more about what is around you,
  • learn more about things that upset or scare you,
  • learn more about things that simply spark your interest for a moment,
  • learn to love learning for the sake of learning 
then never stop learning

  • then look at what you thought you knew before and compare what you learned to what you thought you knew - you might be surprised 
  • (think about what you learned).
  • that is IF you allow yourself the freedom to question what you thought you knew -- you know that keeping an open mind thing.
  • then go head, try something new based on what you have learned  
Learning is not confined to schools, colleges, universities, at work, learning can happen just about anyplace...often in places and from people you would NEVER think, you would learn anything from.

Learning is not just about what you do with your mind, it also applies to physical skills you learn along the way and the way we use our bodies to do what we want. Playing an instrument, learning to type, jumping rope, running a mile faster than you have before and all the other physical skills that we can learn.

The answer to many questions, is to keep trying to find and ask the right questions, which often don't have easy answers or are simply hard to ask, because you might not like the answers you get.

The reality is that

Keep your eyes, ears and mind open for those precious opportunities that challenge you and cause you to go "huh", is that really the way things really are or is it something different?

Learning is a skill we were all born with, but sometimes, we just forget that it is an integral part of our lives. I wonder if we just get to the doing so much, that we forget to think about what we are doing?

Something to think about.

My Great Grandmother Bertha used to say "The day when you stop learning is the day you die, you may not be dead, but you may as well be." Words of wisdom from a lady who was born in the 1800's and still has meaning today.

Be curious, ask why, don't be afraid to say I do not know - but I will find out, be a pain-in-the-ass keep asking the hard questions, trying something new, failing - then dusting yourself off and trying again, don't take the easy or seemingly obvious answer as the final answer - it usually isn't, find out what is the rest of the story? 

But most of all, do continue to learn...

From a crotchety old fart, who likes to share his pithy opinions and advice every once in a while.

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