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Saturday, September 19, 2015

I had thought about going to Augusta for a 5K this morning, but other commitments were made, so I decided to skip the race, which was not a big deal, but it would have been nice to have had a tune-up before next Friday's Rise 'N Shine 5K. I have had several opportunities to race, before this but just didn't have the ummmpppffff to do them.

Which meant that I got to run a bit with Bennie this morning.

We went down-back and while we started fairly slow, we did pick it up on the flats and going down Blake Hill he was just running.

Strava Stats 9-19-15
However, the way back, he was more the governor and kept putting the brakes on, when I was attempting to speed-up a little coming back up Blake. You know the routine, pulling back on the leash and running behind me so that I was pulling on a slower moving dawg the whole way.

Well that lasted until we got back to the "T" intersection when he decided that it was time to kick-ass and move - he must have smelt something good ahead, like fresh moving venison. Especially, when we saw that damn deer ran across the road in front of us, then Bennie was hell-bent on giving the deer a run for its money or better yet, getting some fresh steak. No we are not vegan, although I do eat a LOT of veggies and fruits, but fresh venison steak is still a delicacy in my book. :-)

Oh well, it has been too many years since I went hunting, so I guess I will limit myself to the meats I can get that are pre-wrapped in freezer wrap at Marcoux's. But it is getting close to hunting season, so I will be putting out my Sharing the Woods and back roads - it is hunting season again post pretty soon.

The thing we didn't notice when we went by where it crossed was that there was another one waiting to cross. Which meant that Bennie was barking and pulling to go back and "get" that deer when it crossed behind us, that is that sudden go to a crawl/stop forward progress on the graph.

We were both out of breath and going up Stevens' Hill was a lot slower than I had planned, due to a spastic dawg and him wanting to back and put some fresh venison on the table. After that we never really picked it up all that much to finish things off.

Oh, well we did get a couple of pretty nice pick-ups in during the run and I know that my breathing in a few spots was pretty limited. I have a feeling that the deer were in the woods when we headed down the hill over on Blake and then we pushed them out again coming back up the road. I have a feeling that is why Bean was so willing to shift gears in those places.

A good run - giving it a 3/4 and it would have been higher if I wasn't dragging a damn dawg uphill in a direction that wasn't the same as what he was interested in doing. :)

The Lunar Glide 5's worked flawlessly, I didn't think about my feet/shoes at all during the run and surprise, surprise my Garmin 310XT worked great and was charged up nicely.

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