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Monday, September 7, 2015

It Is Not Always About Speed - RunLog 9-7-15

This morning's first run was warm and muggy and then the second was even warmer, but the mugginess was not nearly as bad. Sort of a decent trade-off between the two, but even though the humidity levels had dropped into from the almost 90% down into the 70% range, 93*F is tough to run in.

Well what was the first run really like?

mmmm not bad, we didn't rush anywhere and just ran by effort. Going out was pretty good, nothing special, but not bad, then coming back, we just took our time. I was sweating pretty good and Bennie's tongue was hanging out pretty far, but he wasn't interested in stopping to do more than mark an area and then he was on the move again.

By the time we got back up to the tar, we saw a neighbor walking and Bennie stopped to say Hi. It wasn't a long stop, but at the same time it was a nice place to take a break. My hat was starting to drip and she just looked at me and shook her head, saying "it's too hot for running today". I agreed, but said we were just about done.

Off we went and ran around Howard Circle, we started to pick up the pace a little and then we just slowed back down, my hat was dripping pretty good, we ran fast enough to simply finish.

Run #2

Yeah, this is where I got a little stoopid. Mary was leaving for her run and it was getting hotter, so I uploaded the first run, waited a couple of minutes for Bennie to stop panting and then I went out the door for my second run.

I had thought about running around Middle Road, but with temps already in the 90's, I knew that 5.0 miles was just a little too far for the conditions and what I was willing to endure. So I decided to do my Pepin Way O/B and decide when I got back to the mail box whether to keep going to finish 4.0 or stop at 3.4.

Going out I felt pretty good, but I didn't push, because I knew that I was going to be struggling on the way back, I expected to hit the turn-around at around 14:30 to 15:00 and actually got there at abut 14:25, so I wasn't too far off the pace I wanted going down the hill. I am finding out that on the roads, I do a pretty good job going down hill, just not as good going down hill on the trails though.

On the way back, I KNEW that I was going to slow down pretty significantly, going back up the bitch is just that - a bitch, especially in that kind of heat. I struggled a lot heading back up the hill, but I kept going and made it. Then I started to pick up the pace, again I got to thinking about it and just slowed back down.

I wasn't trying to prove anything or do anything more than getting out and run. Besides by the time that I was running up the hill, my hat was dripping and coming around Howard Circle it was doing more than just dripping, it was back to that raining sweat thing again.

Again, the Nike Lunar Glide 5's performed flawlessly and even in the extreme heat, my feet were the least of my problems. They just felt comfortable.

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  1. It's crazy how similar we are with shoe stuff. We both are back in Nikes.

    In other news - I noticed that my outreach is actually WAY more successful over here than on WordPress.

    ..gah I don't know where to go.

  2. Your blog on WordPress.com already has a following and the blog on Blogger doesn't have any and you are starting over completely. Me I am going back to a moderately successful blog that had over 300,000 page views on it when I retired it and when I resurrected it, it seems that Google indexed it much higher than it would a brand new blog. Although the comments are lower on Blogger than WordPress, which is perplexing, but the way it is. In your case thinking that you might be better off at W/P.com :-)

    1. Yeah - definitely sticking with WP. :) Thanks for the advice!


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