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Friday, September 18, 2015

It's a Long Story and Not My Fault - RunLog 9-18-15

This morning’s run is brought to without any GPS data or actual time being recorded.

What are you talking about.

Well it is a long, but not a real long story.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Like I do before the first run of the day, I go in and unplug my Garmin 310XT from the charger, turn it on and go about getting Bennie harnessed up, so that it has time to find satellites and ready to go by the time we get to the end of the driveway.

Everything seemed to be just fine at that point.

Until we saw this.

What the problem was
I was planning on a nice easy recovery 3.0 miles, so we were not going all that fast, when we turned the corner and saw that a Pepsi delivery truck was across the road down where the road turns to dirt. There was a wrecker there and its air brakes were releasing and it was backing up.

Needless to say Bennie wasn’t impressed and started to do his backing off and attempting to ditch the harness routine, so he could get out there. I have seen this behavior enough to quickly scoop him up and ended up carrying him through the mess.

After we got on the other side, this is what we saw

Yeah, he was in the ditch pretty good. It was the big excitement in the neighborhood so I had to get a photo - it was too good not to. I talked to the guy for a second and he ain’t from around heah and when he saw the dirt road that the GPS was telling him to go on, he said no way he was driving his delivery truck down through there and tried to turn around and somehow ended up in the ditch.

He wasn’t too impressed and when I told him that the way down through there was probably better than some tarred roads right now and that he could have gone down through without any problems.

I told him good luck and took off down the road. At that point I saw the tow truck heading off. They had to take a 13 mile detour to get to the other side of the Pepsi truck, they were not impressed - I could tell, by the way they were talking in the cab. Plus the neighbor wasn't home and they were not about to drive over their lawn without permission. We might be a bit country, but there is still common courtesy and even though the neighbors would have said yeah, the wrecker crew did the right thing.

As we went down the road, Bennie did his first stop of the morning and when we started back up I noticed the low battery signal chiming. This usually doesn’t bother me since in the past it means that I have about 30 minutes of running and was planning on doing 3.0, so it wasn’t going to be a problem.

Hmmmm one problem the low battery came on immediately and the watch turned-off. Not good.

It seems that the battery had 0% charge left, when I stopped to actually look at what was going on at Bennie’s next pit stop.

Not good at all.

It meant that no GPS data or time for running today, but I have run the course several times, so I have a good idea of the distance and my pace was somewhere around 9:00 minutes per mile. It was actually rather relaxing to not worry about the what the watch was saying and I think Bennie enjoyed the run a little more, because I was a lot more relaxed than usual.

This is the ONLY thing that I do not like about my Garmin 310XT - I have had problems with the charging before and it is a problem that was discussed by other people who have this watch. You have to be sure that the watch is turned-off completely before you start charging, otherwise it will not charge correctly, even if it says it is charging.

So it became a naked run. Yes I did keep my clothes on, I don’t want to embarrass the neighbors or myself. Just no GPS or time.

When we got back up to where the delivery truck was stuck, the wrecker crew was just hooking him up and they hadn’t attempted to get him out yet. The driver wasn’t real impressed and I hope this didn’t cost him his job, he seemed like a nice enough guy. 

His only problem was that he just ain’t from around heah and I can imagine him hearing dueling banjo’s playing in the woods down-back, caused him to turn around. hehehehe.

Dueling banjos from the movie Deliverance

Oh well, when we took Bennie for his walk there this evening were some pretty good scrape marks on the road and some good sized oil drips, on the grass and the tar so unfortunately it looked like when he was in the ditch that he did damage to something important. Not good.

Getting back to the run, Bennie and I ended up doing a mile more than I originally planned because of all the interruptions and we really were not in a hurry, so we just plugged along and got ‘er done. Sometimes taking off the GPS and just running can be pretty damn nice.

When I got home, I ensured that the Garmin was turned-off and that it actually was charging. Technology is great when it works right, but when it gets wonky, things get a little frustrating.

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