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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Just Another Run - RunLog 9-20-15

This morning was one of those overcast, it just got done raining, kind of runs. It was going to be the first of two, but after we got done with this run, I decided that it was enough for today. Even though, the temps were in the low 60's and there was a light breeze out of the north - a great day for a good run.

Strava Stats 9-20-15
Bennie was more interested in the sniffs until we got down to Blake, when a chocolate lab suddenly came barrel-assing down the hill towards us. Not good, especially when the truck that it belonged with was still at the top of the hill.

I got a good hold on Bennie's leash and put him behind me, then yelled at the Lab to sit down. He was a good boy and while he was interested in greeting Bennie he sat, until the truck caught up and called him over. Unfortunately, they were headed towards Tiffany, which meant that we stayed there until they were almost to the little bump.

That is the huge increase in pace just before the 1.0 mile mark.

Once we got to Bartlett, I turned up it to go up to the top of the hill and then do a faster pace run back down to the bump (a quick mile - not race pace, but something faster. Bennie stopped as we went around the corner, but wasn't interested in going up Bartlett at all and he turned around and wanted to get going back home.

After that we kind of putzed around with Bennie stopping for sniffs/pees along the way. Then this VW goes flying by and we went flying after it.

Nope we didn't catch it, but we did pick up the pace a little.

Going up the hill, I didn't push and ran up it comfortably. Once we got to the top, Bennie got interested in running again (he was back in public) and we ran decently to the end.

Nothing special about this run, but we got it done and it had some pretty good pick-up points.

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