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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Let It Rain Down On Me - RunLog 9-11-15

I didn't post this yesterday, since it was 9-11 and I didn't want to appear to be callous or disrespectful about remembering what happened that day 14 years ago, because I do remember. However, I also believe that going about living life the best we can is the best way to show the bastards who planned and supported the despicable act that we will continue to live, not cower in fear of what they "could" do again.

After our national moment of silence - yes we waited specifically until after that for me to pay my respects.

Bennie and I waited a little while and then went out for our run. It was raining steadily, but we both like the rain and the temps, well they were in the 60's, so it was a good day for a run, compared to what we have had lately.

Bennie was ready to run, he was pulling and tugging all over the place and just wanted to "go". For me, my legs were tired and needed to get loosened up a lot more before, I was ready to do any of that "go" stuff.

We really never got going all that fast, but it was a comfortably hard run that ended up with a sub 8:00 minute pace overall. Which meant that we really never slowed up all that much either. You can definitely tell where Bennie did his stops, so it would ave been even faster, but these runs are for him too.

We decided to stay on the tar, because down-back would have been a bit muddy and I would have had to take the hose to the Bean after we got back :-). He hates the hose.

Overall, a nice run that reminded me that I still have a little pop left in the legs and that getting through the slogfest does make us better runners, even if it might not feel that way when we are out there pushing ourselves through 80*F and 80% or higher humidity days.

I remember, but I also keep living the American Dream.

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