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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Some Whine with That Run - RunLog 9-9-15

The temps weren't too bad mid 60's, but the humidity was still over 90% made for a couple of tougher runs. I don't know about anyone else, but even with decent temps that kind of humditity (yes I know how to spell it), it still kicked my butt.

Today was Wednesday, we are a 3 driver, 2 car household right now. So it was run, rush to get wife to work by 8:00, do my run, rush to get to gym for clean-up, then get to work by 10:00  AM, get done work at 8:00 PM and finally get my butt back to the house. Long day, but that is the usual Wednesday routine for a while.

Run #1

One of those oh so joyful early morning runs with Bennie, that I love so much. Yeah right, I do the early runs because they need to get done, not because I love running that early in the morning. No one should have to get out the door and run before their first BM, just a personal preference. Yeah I know a lot you out there get out at O'Dark thirty, well I am glad you enjoy it and I am not one of you :-). I don't mind getting up early, but it is not a decent time to run until at least 9:00 AM. HEHEHEHEHE

We didn't rush or anything and Bennie had a lot of stops to make, so just about the time my body was figuring out what to hell was going on we would be stopping, Intervals at its best and yes I came back soaked after just 3.0 miles, so the humidity was a joy too.

Whining yet, Harold - nope just voicing my concerns hehehehehe ;-)

Run #2

I wanted to go a little longer and a lot faster, but the more that I thought about running fast in this stuff, the more I just went yech. I decided to go slower and longer than I have in a while. It ended up being a nice 10K run, mostly flat and could be a pretty fast course on a decent day.

Once I got off the Rail Trail I slowed down even more and then just ran by effort the rest of the way. I won't say I ran very hard, but I did pick it up a little at the end.

It is the longest run I have done in the Lunar Glide 5's and they did great, no issues, very comfortable and I didn't think about them during the run. They are going to be very good shoes for just eating up the miles.

Nothing really special about either of these runs, they were more about getting out the door, getting a few more miles on legs and getting the run done in the high humidity. I just hope that the training in these conditions pays off for faster stuff when I start doing a few of the 5K's I want to do.

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  1. The humidity has been tough, but I'm trying not to complain. I've lived in Maine and Massachusetts my entire life, I know what's coming!
    Kudos for getting out for an early morning run. I guess if I had a dog I'd be out there also. One good reason for not getting a dog!
    Unfortunately OpenID doesn't recognize my old blog and doesn't like my new blog.
    Andy - Omnirunning.com

  2. I'm with you - hopefully this drinkable air will have helped my autumn running!


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