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Monday, September 21, 2015

The First Chilly Morning of Fall - RunLog 9-21-15

Hey today is the first official day of Fall

So it was fitting it was the first real chilly morning in a while. I really don't care what others think, 42*F is chilly, especially when on Friday it was 86*F, so the old body isn't acclimated to chill yet.

But I do have to say that it felt refreshing to run this morning, but the gloves I wore were not taken off on that first run and while I was a little over-dressed with a light running jacket and a long sleeve tech shirt - I didn't bother to unzip the jacket either. It is a different feeling to sweat when it is chilly than when it is hot and humid and it felt good.

Bennie was in rare form, he wasn't really into the fast running this morning, but he sure did want to stop and refresh ALL the places he tends to mark and it seemed like he found more than a couple new places as well.

After a while, the tank was empty and I decided that instead of stopping every 50 feet, that we would go ahead run, at first Bennie was a little "pissy" about not being able to stop as often, but he got over.

Nothing real fast, but nothing really slow either.

Run #2

We are still on the three people for two vehicles, so I take Mary into her work, which gives me a choice, run in Augusta or go back home and run. Well, I am there and I do love running on the Rail Trail, so the choice was pretty easy.

It was still chilly, but not cold, so I stowed the gloves and jacket, but kept on the long sleeve tech shirt and to be honest, I could have run without it, but at the same time when I was in the shade, it was nice to have.

I added in the Capitol Park walkway and it was a nice addition to the run, although I had to slow down at the end to get under the tape across the path where they were going to be working later. I didn't really push the pace, but I did change my cadence going up the inclines, just to get used to moving a little quicker up them.

Actually it was a pretty perfect morning for a good run.

When I got home it was time to take Bennie for a walk, so by 10:00 AM, my legs already had 11.0 miles on them. They felt okay, but I do know that after sitting in the truck that they were stiff and a little tired when we started the walk. However, by the end of the walk they were feeling pretty good and probably walking so soon after the runs was a good thing.

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