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Saturday, September 12, 2015

This is more like it - RunLog 9-12-15

Okay, yesterday was rain and what I hope were the winds of change. It did get a little breezy later on in the day and the humidity seemed to disappear. So hopefully and all those other words we use for wishful thinking, that we have seen the last of the super humid or is that stoopid humid weather.

Either way, this morning was perfect for running. High 50's/low 60's, a light breeze out of the north, brilliant bright blue sky and no noticeable humidity. Yep, that is just about as perfect as it gets around heah.

So how did the run go in these much better running conditions?


It was fun to be out there running, instead of slogging through the murk.

Although about 4:00 minutes into the run, I got this weird beep and when I looked down to see what it was: low battery on my Garmin. WTF???? I know that I charged it last night, but sometimes my Garmin is a little finicky about charging, when it is still on and even though it is plugged in, it will not charge. So I screwed up last night not it.

Even so, it meant that I had between 30-45 minutes to get my run in, before it died. Which meant that I picked up the pace a little and Bennie was just bouncing all over the anyways, so he didn't mind at all.

Lots of vehicles were going through down-back and even up on top during this run and those coming at us it meant a slow down, make sure Bennie is safe, go to short-leash and then deal with him greeting the vehicle and wanting to go the other direction. Which is just the opposite when they are going in the same direction. Go short leash until vehicle is by, letting go and get ready to run faster - a lot faster.

Imagine that, us run faster after a vehicle goes by. A crazy old coot and a spastic pup, we make such a good combo.

Which meant that today's run really resembled an interval training session.

The LG5's continue to impress me and just let me run, instead of worrying about how my shoes are making my feet feel.  haven't run in anything else since I got them, but at some point I am going to have to get into a two shoe rotation - the Lunar Glide 5's and Hyperspeed 6's for speedwork and some races that are coming up.

Good run.

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  1. I'm really hoping that lack of humidity gets down here soon!


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