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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tuesday Speedwork - Done -- RunLog 9-1-15

Tuesday are typically my speedwork days and yes I ran a little faster in the morning on my run with Bennie, but it didn't seem like enough of a "real" speedwork session to be done.

Also, I am attempting to hit some certain paces in my training, so instead of doing it on a track or down on the Rail Trail, I have decided that to do my interval sessions it is easier, well not easier, but I will force myself to hit and stay on pace better if I use a treadmill to over-speed the legs.

With that idea in mind, I went to the UMA Fitness Center and beat up on their treadmill, well actually it beat me mercilessly, but you get the idea.

Here is what I did:

UMA Treadmill Run

A nice treadmill run that included some faster, but controlled paces. Unfortunately the cement block room even with A/C had me sweating like no tomorrow. So I stopped at 4.0 miles and went outside to do another mile.
.5 @ 7.2 mph warm-up
.5 @ 8.8 mph
.25 @ 7.2
.25 @ 8.8
.25 @ 7.2
.25 @ 8.8 - 2.0
.25 @ 7.2
.25 @ 8.8
.25 @ 7.2
.25 @ 8.8 - 3.0
.25 @ 7.2
.25 @ 8.8
.25 @ 7.2
.25 @ 8.8 - .4.0
.25 @ 3.4 mph cool-down
While it wasn't as fast or as far as last week's treadmill fun, I still sweated like a stuck pig and after 4.0 miles, decided that was enough "fun" on the treadmill.
Then I went ahead and used the Center's nobby foam roller that got into my hamstring and calves pretty good.
They were feeling good enough that I decided to get outside and do the mile loop around campus a way to shake out the legs, after running intervals. It was a great idea and is something that I will keep doing when I do intervals on the treadmill. 
One thing that I have to remember is to shut off the GPS and just rely on the footpad, that is why my Garmin stats were so skewed for this run...still getting used to the semi-new watch.
Overall, it wasn't a bad interval workout, but at the same time it certainly wasn't a great one either. However, it is done and that is the good part.

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  1. Stefan and I wish that I had just an ounce of your musical talent. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. I won't say running is a strength for me, but it is something that I have done most of my life, but I can't sing or play any kind of a musical instrument and it is something that I have always wished that I had learned. But when you sound like a frog croaking it doesn't get you very far, except to watch people grimace and cover their ears hehehehe. But thanks ;-)


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