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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What A Gorgeous Day - RunLog 9-1-15

What a gorgeous day for running.

Bright sunshine, low humidity and a light breeze out of the north, meant that this morning's run was a joy to be outside.

Bennie and I went down-back as usual and I decided to wear the Clifton's and try to figure out "the why" of why they bother my right foot enough to be a distraction. I can't say enough times how much I love the feel and ride of this model, but the fit is just enough off that I am not just running, but thinking too damn much about how my right foot is feeling, when I run in the Clifton's.

So with that in mind, we set off. The town is doing widening of the road past the little bump, before Tiffany, so that was a bit of a slow-down area going out and coming back.

We were cruising right along and actually did pretty well going up Bartlett.

I hadn't decided if we would fly coming back down Bartlett or not, but I did know that we would pick up the pace a little. Yes, we did - as you can see on the graphic.

Strava Stats 9-1-15
We sped down the hill pretty well (my best pace was 5:39 for a very, very short distance) and we could have gone even faster, but didn't. I know that I was running faster than usual, but without maxing out - so that is a good sign.

When we got back to the dirt road section, we just slowed down, between the construction, traffic coming at us, it was just busy down there, until we got back to the tar on the other end, when a motorcycle went by and Bennie went into chase mode until we went past the mail box.

Good run and I just missed getting under an 8:00 minute pace overall.

The Clifton's

So what did I learn about the Clifton's and the why's about how they are bothering me.

I figured out what is bothering me is less the Tailor's Bunionette and more that the snugness of the upper is pushing my little toe up against my 4th toe and making them rub tightly together. My little toe normally (probably due to injuries) points a little towards the direction of the 4th toe, so a too narrow shoe will bother my foot no matter which brand it is and has.

The Clifton's almost are wide enough to get past this deformity in my foot, but not quite enough. So I have figured out the why's and the what's.

While this isn't painful on shorter runs in these Cliftons (just distracting), this has been a problem in the past on long runs in other running shoes and I believe that it will eventually become painful to point where I will have to stop and take my shoes off to relieve the pressure/pain that comes with those two toes rubbing together.

Which means that doing long runs in these shoes in their present configuration - ain't a good idea. It will lead to problems and will become more than just discomfort.

Now comes the problem solving part of this:

How do I get my toes to not rub into each other inside the Cliftons V1 or V2 (which felt even more snug in the toe box)?

  • use some kind of lubricant on those two toes
  • try some alternative lacing patterns or change over to LockLaces and hope that it gives enough stretch to limit the snugness of the shoes.
  • cut a hole in the side of the right shoe, to relieve the snugness
  • just run in them for shorter runs and suck it up and not worry about the discomfort

This will be trial and error time over the next few weeks to see if I can get rid of the little pressing into the other toe.

The problem and it is actually a good thing, is that I really LOVE the ride and feel of the Clifton's and WANT find a way to make the fit better for my foot.

The reality is

that it was a very good run and I learned the what, about why the Clifton's are bothering my foot when running in them. Now to do something about it.

Now to get ready to go run on the treadmill. Even though it is a gorgeous day out there, I am looking to do specific pacing for specific distances and I will do that better running on the treadmill. Not what I really want to do, but more what I am going to do.

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  1. Try injinji socks. I had the same problem with my big toe and next one. Blisters like you would not believe. Have not had one problem since switching.


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