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Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Little More HIT or is that Turbo Training - RunLog 10-4-15

We started out at a nice pace and I was pretty sure that we were going to finally get an easier run in...

Yeah, right.

I forgot that Bennie was pulling the sleigh and although you can see where we stopped to allow him to mark "his" territory when we got down to the mile mark, he completely changed from just running along to "enough of this slow crap".

It didn't help that a white truck was flying by as we were going around the little corner. That is that sub 6:00 pace...errrr where we started to fly.

Not that we did it for very long, before the old fart chickened out and slowed down on the last part of the hill and the transition from dirt to tar, an area where there are a lot of potholes and loose dirt and rocks. Yeah, I was a little concerned that I might hit something wrong in that area and slowed down to a more reasonable, or at least where I felt more in control.

Then once were on the tar we picked it back up a little to Bartlett, where we slowed down and let me breath again. Then once we turned around, my turbo mutt decided that it was a good time to put the jets in gear again, until he had to stop and get a drink in the puddle and mark a regular spot on the way back up to the ledges.

I just started reading Faster After 50 and he talks about HIT a lot, well with Bennie around I don't think that I have to worry too much about only doing LSD kind of running. Loving all the acronyms.

We did pretty well, but at the same time, I did back off whenever the hammies started to talk to me about what we were doing. So I am trying to lengthen the faster paced running distances, slowly but surely.

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  1. I have the exact opposite issue with my pup, in that she is literally scared of everything except other dogs. It makes things pretty challenging!

  2. Bennie has small dog's disease - he thinks that he king of the hill and doesn't do well with other dogs. He wants to show them he is the boss and it don't matter what kind of dog it is. Which makes things not so much fun in town or if other dogs are running loose. Otherwise he is a pretty good boy, who deals with the old fart running with him pretty well.


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