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Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Lot Going On, Racing, Running and Thinking - Week In Review 10-18-15

It did spit snow a few times during the day today, which means that old man winter is laughing at us and giving fair warning that he is going to be visiting pretty regularly in the near future.

My Favorite Photo from this Week:

It sure was pretty, but...well when the leaves drop, so do the temps.

I took off Monday through Wednesday and didn't run until Thursday, which really put my streak of 20 miles a week for 2015 in serious jeopardy. I wasn't going to force it, but at the same time I wasn't going to let the streak end without giving it a good effort. I made the 20 miles, so the streak continues.

It is not really about the streak, but more about being consistent all year.

My running challenges and goals?

Go after a post-55 PR (21:20) in a 5K outdoor race.

I am thinking that I have a really decent base right now and I really want that post 55- 5K PR. Incorporating some of what I am learning from reading those books on top of what I have done so far this year...well I believe it might be enough to get me there.

I didn't expect it to happen this morning at the Terrier Trot 5K, the course is tough for me and when the wind is in your face going uphill, well that makes it that much tougher to achieve a PR goal. I really gotta find a flat/fast 5K this month and see if I can do it or not.


My training last week consisted of:

The treadmill session on Thursday went from a checking out the foot and seeing it I could run on it, to feeling so good that I did some race pace quarters and progressions. Which felt pretty damn good.

During my run on Friday with Benny, I learned that the Response Boost probably isn't the shoe of my dreams and will be relegated to nasty weather and work shoes. The cage and moving laterally quickly ain't a great combo for me when running with Bennie and I do a lot of runs with him.

It was a higher intensity week than I have had in a while, even though I did take 3 days off. This week was about getting ready for my race today and making sure that I didn't hurt anything too bad last weekend.


2,015 miles was my goal for 2015, but I have a feeling that I will end up between 1,800 and 1,900 miles for the year. 


New gear - None

New Shoes - None

Shoes I ran in last week:
  • Nike Lunar Glide 5's
  • ASICS Hyperspeed 6's
  • Adidas Response Boost 2
  • Pearl Izumi EM/N2 V1

Asics Hyperspeed 6 - I like them -- a lot and for a lot of reasons, but there is just something about them that I cannot quite put my finger on. As good as I run in the Hyperspeeds, I really do not know if I like them quite enough to get them again. They are (for me) 22:00 minute 5K shoes, which ain't bad and probably is not the truth, but I just haven't crushed a 5K in them. I have a feeling that it is me more than the shoes, but sometimes what you believe is what is.

I don't plan on buying another pair of race day shoes this year, so I will continue to use them as my race day, speedwork and treadmill shoes and they will do quite well for me - I am sure of that, but...I want more from my race day shoes, I want them to be great, not just that I believe they will do quite well for me. There is a difference.

Nike Lunar Glide 5 - The Lunar Glides have been retired at just under 180 miles. I am wearing through where I toe-off (they are a bit too long and as a result they have worn faster in that area) it is pretty damn thin up there and I don't want to be out on a run have them suddenly to wear through to the midsole or let go and possibly flap around.

Which is too bad, because I do like how they feel when running in them and might try another pair down the road, but with the combo of the quick wear I experienced with these ones and the lack of traction, it probably will not be until next spring or summer.

Adidas Response Boost 2 - Last week I said that:

"I do not understand why Adidas believes that they have to use the plastic cage for their uppers, which I consider to be a useless feature and one that may be the reason that I choose a different brand next time, even if I do love how the shoe feels running in a straight line. I just do not like the plastic cage for an upper, there is no give, doesn't conform to the peculiarities of an individual's foot and looks cheap."
This week when I ran in them after taking a little time off, the plastic cage just seemed to get in the way, especially when I am running with Bennie. He tends to change directions from one side of the road to the other and when moving laterally suddenly or quickly, the cage becomes more noticeable - not a good thing.

However, I do love wearing them to work and they are extremely comfortable to walk in, so they will become my work shoes and crappy weather running shoes. They have a bit more traction than some of my other choices and I do like how the Response Boost feel when I am not running with Bennie.

Pearl Izumi N1 V1 - I did some reading o my old blog entries the last couple of nights and remembered how much I liked the PI N2's. Which got to wondering why I hadn't gone back to Pearl Izumi shoes, when they had done so well by me during most of 2014. Especially, when Granite City Running was open, they carried a full line of them?  So I dug them out of the back of the truck and tried running in them again today.

When I ran in them today - after I got home from the Terrier Trot 5K for a run with Bennie. I really had forgotten how smooth they run and how much I like the fit and feel. Now I remember why I liked running in them so much in 2014.

I know that these N2's are pretty tired, even though I can probably get another 50-100 miles out them if I had to. So I decided to get pair of H3 V1's on closeout to see if the Pearl Izumi's are going to be a part of the future or if they are going to be more like the N2 Tri's that I didn't like, if I remember correctly, my not liking them was the primary reason that I went back into shoe search mode last year. Along with trading with a couple of other runners for some snazzy running shoes.

It seems like I am in ever-search mode when it comes to running shoes. Maybe I just need to back track a little to see if Pearl Izumi are what I want in a running shoe.


Something totally unrelated to running. During the hike last week around Whitten Hill, my hiking boot bothered my right foot and was sore enough through Wednesday that I didn't want to run on it.

During the race this morning, the hamstrings didn't like race pace in the cold or going uphill for a ways.

Yes, I know my hamstrings probably will never be great or even decent, they are doing - well good enough that I can run with them, but I know that I have to walk a fine line between going fast and not irritating the hammies too much, especially in colder weather.

Just the way it is.


Thomas College Terrier Trot 5K - 21:31/7:18  4/__ and 1st AG

You can read the race recap here.

The reality is that

I am actually running quite well and still believe that I can get a sub 21:20 on the right course before Thanksgiving.

As much as I would love to see if the body can hold up to at least one more fast for me 5K, before I shut it down, go into recovery and then begin base building mode for 2016, if I don't find the right 5K, I ain't gonna worry too much about it.

All I know is that I am so glad that my foot came around so quickly this week and that I was able to do the race this morning.

Keep smiling and good things can happen.

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