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Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Neighborly Kind of Run - RunLog 10-10-15

After our walk over at Vaughan Woods in Hallowell this morning, I was left wanting more. The walk was nice and everything, but...well it wasn't a run and after this week at work, I still needed to run. However, once we got home, it got a little busy and I didn't get out until late afternoon.

I took Bennie for his usual afternoon walk and after we got back, I got myself ready to head out for a 5.0 miler by myself.

Umm, the face tells it all!

You are leaving without me????
We have been introducing him to a new cat Elliott and he ain't impressed with the new addition. So I couldn't just go for a run...especially when he knows when I am going running without him because I put my phone in my belt pouch, not his running harness and he told me all about it.

Also getting the shoes out are a dead giveaway.

So yeah, he went out for a run too.

I really didn't know how things would go, my legs have been bothering me more than usual this week, so it was one of those start out slow and go from there.

The first mile was - start/stop, start/stop and repeat as Bennie did his thing. Then I had to stop and talk to the farmer at the end of the road, he asked me to let him know if anyone was parking on the road by his land (it is getting close to hunting season) and there was an SUV parked up the road. We talked for a bit, got around to talking about the SUV and he just shook his head.

He said that he wasn't too worried, but at the same time after we got started again, he passed us on the road and parked his truck on the hill and was looking for the owner, when we ran by. He has had people putting up tree stands (not portable ones either) with nails and spikes in the tree, which screws up his chainsaw when he cuts them up for firewood.

After we passed him, we were moving along pretty steadily. I was surprised when we finished and I looked at the stats/paces. It didn't feel like we were moving that fast and yes I could tell that the Response 2's are a heavier shoe, but they run comfortably, which is more important to me for how I plan to use them.

Oh yeah, on the way back, I saw another neighbor coming out of her driveway. I had to stop and ask her if we could pick pears off her pear tree and she told us we could have as much as we wanted - score. I went back after I finished and got a laundry basket and peck bag full of pears. Jelly, juice and other goodies will be made from them.

It was a talking to the neighbor kind of run today.

When she drove off, Bennie went into chase mode and we just ran comfortably around the circle. At that point, I decided to see if the RB2's had any pop in them and went for an extra mile. Bennie didn't complain too much and seemed into running  little faster than we have lately.

Coming back down to the finish, we did pick up the pace and while the Response 2's are not racing flats at over 11 oz each, but they didn't get in the way of running a little quicker.

I just had to focus more on the forward lean and using my quads more. Yeah, I know that to run faster, you are supposed to use the glutes and extend them out behind you. However, when you have shitty hamstrings and piriformis issues, you use the muscles that don't bark as loud and my quads are in pretty damn good condition.

We ran good enough to get 3rd on our usual finishing segment and I felt as though I had one more gear.

Overall, a nice run that let me know that the Adidas Response Boost 2's did well on the dirt road down-back. My feet didn't feel beat up by the rocks and stuff after running down there.

While they sure as hell are not racing flats, they don't get in the way of my running and for short bursts, I can run pretty fast in them (for me). So far they are feeling pretty comfortable and not bothering my feet. I am not sure if it is the Boost material or what, but they do seem to not require as much effort to run in them.

I still am not impressed with the plastic cage, but will put up with it as long as the Response keep working this well for me.

I would like to find a pair of Boost shoes reasonably priced in the 8-9 oz range to see how they feel.

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