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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bennie Said We Were Running Faster - RunLog 10-25-15

I have a feeling that this was one of the last shorts runs of the year...yeah the temps have been bouncing all over the place and today it was 54*F when Bennie and I went for our run. It had been raining most of the morning and everything was still pretty wet, but it was warm.

So shorts were the order of the day and more than likely I could have gotten away with a short sleeve top too because I pulled up the sleeves. I gotta admit that running in shorts is helluva a lot better than running in running pants or wind pants.

The run itself was a surprise.

I really had planned to just do a nice relaxing 5.0 miles to get 40 miles for the week. So there was not any pressure to get out and go fast for any particular reason.

Ummmm Bennie had other ideas.

He wanted to go like hell, from the time we started until we finished. That wasn't my idea of a good time, so we compromised and ran fast at times and slower at times.

A sub 8:00 minute pace for the run was pretty good. Especially with all of the usual stops that Bennie made that just slowed things down just a little.

However, as you can see the dirt road down-back was pretty slimey from the rain we had and I seriously considered not running down there in the H3's, because of the lack of traction that the v1 Pearl Izumi road shoes usually have. However, I figured I needed to know one way or the other and took a chance, especially since I would have just slowed down if it got too slimey.

Surprisingly, the grip on the H3's was much better than the N2's or N1's V1. I think that the sole is cut deeper and gives better traction. Despite it being pretty slimey in places, I didn't feel out of control down there at all.

We did pretty good and I was happy with how well we ran.

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