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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bennie Turbo is Not Just His Name - RunLog 10-2-15

After yesterday's or should I say last night's unexpected faster run -- thanks to a certain spastic Jack Russell Terrier named Bennie Turbo (we named him Bennie - they called him Turbo at the shelter), who tried whole-heartedly to live up to his name.

The hamstrings were not happy about that harder run, so I had planned to do a nice and easy run this morning.

Yeah okay.

He had other ideas.

Yeah, we maintained a nice and steady pace...hehe. I am the anchor and Bennie is the motor, except when there is a good sniff or he needs to leave a message - then he becomes the emergency brake. Those sudden stops are a real pain in the ass and make me glad that I have a nice padded belt on to protect my waist area and back.

I wore gloves, light jacket, stretch long pants for temps in the low 40's and was not complaining about being too warm. I learned that I really like the ASICS long stretch pants A LOT better than running tights. They are a bit looser, but still keep my legs warm and allow them to move freely. The added benefit is that I don't feel as though they show off every curve of what is under there or what isn't under there like tights tend to do. Yeah, I am a bit modest that way, but I am not out advertising or trolling, so I feel more comfortable with running pants than running tights.

Let's put it this way, I bought another pair this afternoon and will probably get one more pair. Then either get rid of my tights or save them to be long underwear and use running pants over them on colder outside runs this winter.

Modesty isn't always a bad thing... hehe hehe I know I am getting to be such an old fart. I just have a sneaking suspicion that there ain't a whole lot of interest in other seeing what I ain't got. ;-)

I also did get a Hi-Vis Volt colored winter hat for running in the cooler weather at Tractor Supply for $5.00 bucks. It will be trashed after one season so there is no sense in going out and spending big bucks for a winter running hat when this will work just fine.

A good day for running, now to get the hamstrings back to my normal and I will be happy again.

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  1. I'll almost always take long stretch pants over tights. I'm totally with you on modesty; I'm not interested in showcasing the entire downstairs situation. Honestly, I'll wear shorts over tights. I know it's apparently a runner fauxpas, but the display that would otherwise be shown is a fauxpas for everyone else!

    I have a pair of NB long pants that are pretty good, although they tend to let a tad too much air through.

    1. The running fashion police can go bother someone else, if you notice in my AVATAR that I have shorts over tights ;-P. I don't run to be fashionable, I run to enjoy running. Besides I don't think there are too many out there that are interested in looking at what this 58 year old fart has and I know I ain't advertising hehehee


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