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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Excitement, New Shoes and Even Some Running - RunLog 10-8-15

Well, this was a very interesting day!

I was getting out of the truck to walk into where I work and got a text message. This was unusual - it is a rare event that I get a text message. It was from the University and it said that there had been an incident in the building I work at. So me being me, I hot-footed over to see what was going on.

Lots of students milling around, a newspaper photographer was taking photos and some of the people I work with were standing around, with at least 4 Augusta PD units sitting at the corner.

Ummm probably whatever was going on was not good.

I asked what was going on and was told that there had been a bomb threat and that the building had been evacuated and no one could go in.

Nope, it wasn't a good thing, bomb threats are not good and you have to take them very seriously.

So we waited around for a while, made the best of the situation. We told lots of bad jokes, got to know each other a little better and passed the time. Later on the University decided to cancel all classes and activities this evening and I was told to go home. Which was kind of nice, but at the same time not so good, because we are already behind and this is going to really get us behind, we had a full slate of testing to do. Tomorrow and next week are going to be...well busy.

New Shoes

Before all that excitement happened, I stopped got new running shoes and took the first run in them.

Yeah, the LunarGlides will be getting to the 200-mile mark sometime next week, so it was time to start thinking about what I want for my next pair. Another pair of LunarGlides made the most sense, but they are primarily road shoes and it is getting closer to nasty weather, so I wanted something with a little more versatility too -  errrr grip.

I have been doing a little initial scouting around at some of my local haunts and online, so when the wife told me that I could get a new pair, I had a pretty good idea where to look. I have a nice little post planned to explain my choice in a bit more detail, but it came down to the fact that I have always wanted to try a pair of the Adidas Boost shoes but wasn't willing to pay $130 or up for that pleasure.

There was a great sale going on at Famous Footwear for a pair of Adidas Boost Response 2's and it seemed like the right time at the right price (just over $70). That is the start of the story anyway.


I got them before work and had time to get out and do a few miles and I can't think of a better place to test them. I got to run on tar, groomed trails, hills, grass, rocks and stuff. Nothing technical, but a nice mix of conditions.

How did they do?

Okay...I am not sure that I will love the raised plastic cage on the upper, but it didn't really bother unless I made sharp turns, they a bit heavier than I wanted, but not all that much heavier than the LunarGlide 5's. Plus I probably could have gone with a pair of 8.5 instead of 9's, but they didn't have any and I have had pretty good luck with over-sized shoes, so that didn't bother me too much.

Even as tired as my legs were from this morning's 4.0 miles with Bennie, without trying, I moved right along and could have picked the pace up even more pretty easily. The RB2's had a nice cushioned feel (which I liked) and didn't bother my right foot at all, something that has been right.

I know that I will have to mess around with the lacing a little more and maybe change out the laces, but otherwise they run well, have a good heel-to-toe transition, although I did notice that if I am not paying attention that I do slap a little with my left foot??? Not sure where that is coming from, but it is.

Overall, a pretty solid first run in the RB2's,

Run #1

Oh yeah, I did mention that Bennie and I ran 4.0 miles this morning. It was another easier run, my legs are still zapped from that tough treadmill workout on Tuesday (yes, they were still tired this afternoon too - another reason I was slower).

Not a particularly exciting run, but one where I made myself do the 4.0 and get in the mileage.

Yep, it was a fairly interesting day, but here I am at home and relaxing versus sitting at work attempting to reduce the number of Red stars in the inbox and proctoring exams tonight. It feels funny, it is the first evening off, since I started working there a couple months ago...which seems such a long time ago.

I just do not understand the reasoning behind making the bomb threat, but I know that we have to take them seriously.

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  1. I'm actually really impressed with the Boost material. I am toying with getting a pair of Glide 7s for my next shoe, but I am like you in that I'm not a fan of the plastic cage. It's super unecessary.

    1. The plastic cage on the upper of the Adidas shoes is one of the big reasons why I didn't buy a pair earlier even though I have heard nothing but good things about the Boost midsoles and really wanted to try it, but was scared off by the plastic. It did affect the comfort of the upper and not in a good way. Give me the upper on the Nike and the Bottom on the Adidas and that would be a great shoe. It seems that there is always something about every shoe that I don't like. On the Lunar Glide's it was the outsole design with winter coming - not much traction - otherwise they have been very, very good shoes :-)


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