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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Finally Another Double-Digit Run - RunLog 10-22-15

I was planning to do 5 or 6 miles this morning on the Rail Trail, then head over to the gym, lift weights, do some stretching and then go home and do another 3-4 miles with Bennie.

Well...that was the original plan

When I got on the Rail Trail condition were pretty great for running - at least in my opinion. Mid 40's, overcast, a light drizzle at times and hardly any breeze. Also, there are no photos, because I purposely have been running less with my phone, so I can just focus on running without any interruptions or thinking - this would make a great photo, stopping, taking the picture and then starting back up again.

Although there were multiple places on the Rail Trail that I would have loved to have stopped and gotten the photo, but hey, I didn't have the phone with me and just kept running. Which I believed led to a more even effort than I have had in a while.

So how did the run go?

Pretty damn well.

I started out a little faster than I normally would on a double-digit run (especially when I haven't done one in a while), then when I got to the 2-mile point, everything was feeling really good, I vacillated back and forth whether I should go for 10 miles or not. I knew that I hadn't done that for a while and my feet felt the best they have in a long time on a run.

Which meant that I knew that I wanted to slow down a little to see how I was feeling at around 4.0 miles. Nothing really was bothering so I went ahead and kept running down to the HiTop Diner, to ensure that I got in the full 10.0 miles.

At 6.0 miles I was feeling good enough that I even thought about adding in the Capitol Park loop, but by the time I got back on the Rail Trail past Hallowell, those thoughts were crushed by reality. My body was starting to bonk pretty good, empty stomach, no fluids and unexpectedly going long ended up being a little more than the old body was ready for.

I just kept going straight instead of taking that left turn - it was a smart decision.

Although I did push to finish faster that last mile.

Could I have gone further - yeah, but at this point I am not training for anything long, so double-digits is enough. I did it because I was feeling good, my running shoes were not getting in the way and I felt like doing 10 miles, sometimes that is the most important reason.

Getting back to the shoes, yeah - they didn't get in the way, I ran quiet and they felt buttery smooth the entire run. Which reminded me of why I loved the Pearl Izumi N2 v1's so much. The problem was that they are the antithesis of what I believe is the right shoe for me. They are probably one of the stiffest and firmest running styles out there, but whatever that dynamic offset tech that PI marketing geeks talk about so much, does seem to work great for me and how I run.

Based on how they are working for me this week and on this long run, I really can't understand why on earth I ever stopped running in them. Sometimes having too many choices is not a good thing and that was the real reason I stopped running in the Pearls. Now that is not an issue and since I have "re-discovered" my love for the Pearl Izumi's - well at least this pair of N2's.

Plus talking with Sam W. last night and this morning, he made a great recommendation to me that I will probably go after later. Just use the PI N1 Trails for road shoes this winter. I keep forgetting how smooth they are and how great they were for me on the roads in during winter 2014. I have a feeling there will be a couple more pair of PI's laying around the house over the next few months.  Thanks Sam - your levelled headed advice on running shoes is definitely spot on.

In other words stay with what works well and doesn't get in your way Harold.

Welcome back to the rotation Pearl Izumi.

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