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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Getting Colder, New Data Field and Chasing A PR - Week In Review 10-4-15

We had to scrape the frost off the windshield this morning - so the cold and cooler weather is here. This meant that the big job of the day was buttoning up the garden and getting the apples harvested off the 2 trees this afternoon. Now to mow the lawn one more time and we are pretty much ready for what happens next. The cold and snow.

This week I listened to the old body and took a couple of days off on Tuesday and Wednesday. I have run a lot of miles over the past few months and I was feeling a little crispy around the edges. It turned out to be the first week that wasn't a cut-back or injury related lower mileage week in a while that I didn't go over 40 miles.

While it was a bit of a cut-back in the mileage department, I did up the quality - thanks to a certain turbo dawg who wanted to fly every so often, versus just running. I guess the cooler weather is putting some extra pop in his stride and I hate to admit it, but it seems to be putting a little extra in mine too.

The good thing was that I had accomplished that sub 22:00 goal last week (so that pressure I had been putting on myself to get it done was off) and I just needed a couple of days to collect myself, rest the brain, the body and re-focus about how I will go about chasing that post-55 PR in the 5K between now and the end of this year's race season.

How am going to go after that?

First I got Joe Friel's  book Fast After 50 on Friday and will be reading that this coming week and re-reading Distance Training for Masters by Lydiard to see what I can do over the next couple of months to push myself over-the-top to chop-of those extra 31 seconds that I need to get that new post-55 5K PR - before Thanksgiving.

Also on Friday, I picked up a pen and paper running log...I don't know why, but something deep inside of me said I had to start using this??? I trust my gut in things like that.

Maybe it is part of that chasing a post 55 - 5K PR, it denotes a new beginning when I start using it on Monday. It does mean that I will be tracking things a little differently than I have. Oh, I will still auto-post to Strava from my watch and keep-up the RUNLOG spreadsheet, but there is something about actually writing down what you did, that makes it more "real" than simply typing or having some trons floating around in cyberspace or on a computer.

My favorite photo from the week:

Isabelle checking out the new books

My running challenges and goals?

Go after a post-55 PR (21:20) in a 5K outdoor race.

I am thinking that I have a really decent base right now and I really want that post 55- 5K PR. Incorporating some of what I am learning from reading those books on top of what I have done so far this year...well I believe it might be enough to get me there.

That and my turbo-jet dog, alias Coach Bennie who is pushing me to run faster paces this fall.

If I don't do it by then, I won't get it done outside this year, because I will probably be taking the week after Turkey Day off and then go back to building a base for next spring.  Although if it snows too much before T-Day, I might shut down the season even earlier.

Which means that I have to get my ass in gear.


My training last week consisted of:

Not the highest mileage week that I have had in a while, but since I took off the two days, I have felt pretty good and Coach Bennie has pushed up the fartlek pacing quite a bit, since it cooled off.

Notice that there is a new column in the log...Intensity. After reading the reading the Intro/Instructions of Fitzgerald's Running Diary, having this data seemed beneficial to the direction I want to be going. I figured that it is something that would help me look at how I am running and how my overall pace for a run compared to other runs using a comparative formula versus a very subjective 1-4 how I feel scale.

As part of this new field I had to estimate my 1 hour race pace and the best I could reckon was that it would probably be around a 7:40 pace, which is what all this field's data is based on. I haven't really figured out exactly how I will use it yet.

However, my initial interpretation of this data point is that I am running in the "no zone" -- that pace that isn't fast enough to be a high quality run or slow enough to be a good recovery run, too often.

Unfortunately, this Intensity data field only measures overall pace and does not take into account intervals, fartlek or other faster-paced work that also includes slower paces during a run (which is what Coach Bennie does best), so the best data that I get from it will probably be whether I running my recovery runs slowly enough and getting out of the no-zone.


I could have gotten a few more miles in again this week, but I with the increased quality that Coach Bennie is having me do, I didn't need to run 9.0 miles today after running a quick 4.0 earlier. I am feeling pretty good tonight and am looking forward to this coming week.

Now that I have accomplished my primary goal for the year, I will look for one or two more 5K's to go after that post-55 PR, but at the same time, I am not really that into racing right now, so we will see how that goes. Who knows maybe I will take some down time at the end of October and then in mid-November go into a base building phase and see if I can handle a little more mileage consistently.


New gear - Asics Stretch pants, hi-vis Volt winter hat - yeah cold weather is coming.

New Shoes - None

Shoes I ran in last week:
  • Nike Lunar Glide 5's
  • ASICS Hyperspeed 6's
No changes from last week, so I haven't changed this part very much.

Asics Hyperspeed 6 - I like them -- a lot, but at the race on Friday, I learned that they ain't worth a shit on wet grass or wet grass to tar, during the initial transition. They are now a smoother bottomed shoe (the sipeing has worn down) and I have a feeling they will not be as stable when it gets wet on tar as they were when I first got them.

However, they will still work really well for most surfaces and what I wrote a 50-mile review on the Hyperspeed's still mostly applies. I can foresee them becoming my primary treadmill shoes when I need to move more inside since they are just about perfect for that.

Nike Lunar Glide 5 - The Lunar Glides are still working great for me and here is my 50-mile review of them. They are working and while I won't confuse them with the Hyperspeed's when it comes to being a fast shoe, that isn't why I got them. However, I can move right along in them if I want or need to change up a workout on the fly (which is happening a lot with Coach Bennie lately). I already have over 150 miles on them and by the end of October, will be looking for another pair of running shoes - more than likely another pair of Lunar Glides (either 6 or 7), depending on availability and price.

Altra Torin 1.5 - I am still not sure what I am going to do with them. They are nice shoes, but I am finding that they (because they are zero drop shoes?) cause my Achilles (both of them) to complain too much and the firmness of the Torin 1.5 is not what I am looking for. Too bad because I do love the fit of the upper, but when I run in them compared to the LG5's, there is no comparison.

I do need a new pair of outside winter running shoes, even though the Lunar Glides are working great, they not what I would consider to be a good winter running shoe (not enough grip). Although I will be getting another pair of LG's sometime in late October (once I get over 200 miles in the LG5's) and start rotating the new pair in, to get them broke in before these reach 400 miles.

That combo will work good enough through December and I can use the Skechers GoRun Ultra's in any nasty weather, until I figure out what I looking to get - although the Nike Wildhorse 3 would seem to be a pretty nice pairing to the LG's.


I know my hamstrings probably will never be great or even decent, they are doing - well good enough that I can run with them, but I know that I have to walk a fine line between going fast and not irritating the hammies too much.

Just the way it is.


None this week.

The reality is that

I am actually running quite well and really believe that I have a good shot at being able to get a sub 21:20 on the right course before Thanksgiving.

We will see, but I would like give it my best shot in at least a couple more 5K races. Although the Terrier Trot on the 18th probably ain't the course that it will happen on, I might just surprise myself. The last half is pretty much all down-hill, but that also means that the first half is pretty much up hill ;-).

The move to continue to simplify my running a little more is going well. However, having enough, well the right data to see what I am really doing versus what I think I am doing is important for me. So I think adding that Intensity field to my spreadsheet will give me some of the information that I need know. Also using a pen and paper running log/diary forces me to look closer at what I am doing versus just typing it in - there something different about having to actually write something down versus typing it out.

The Lunar Glide 5's continue to do well and I am still singing their praises after a 150 miles, so they have passed the point where I put many shoes on the shelf and yes, I look forward to continuing to run in them.

Keep smiling and good things can happen.

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