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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Consolidating September - Month in Reivew

If July was a month of change and August was a month of organizing, re-organizing, organizing some more, getting accustomed to having a schedule to follow, attempting to setup a system on how to get things done at work and at home, keep myself sane and finally, still getting my running in. 

Then September was the month where I consolidated things.

Yeah, I am late with my end of September review, but it is okay

My favorite photo last month:

Sunrise at the top of the hill on a morning Bennie Walk
So what have consolidated?

This blog...

Yeah, my move back to Blogger and One Foot in Reality is done, a few things in the side bar might get cleaned up a little and the header needs to be improved, but otherwise I am happier here than I was on WordPress.com.


Due to using primarily Google at work and how I actually do things, getting back into the Google tech silo was an easy transition. Easy enough that when I needed up get a new smartphone last weekend, it was a no-brainer to stay in the Android/Google OS. Google Drive is not as sophisticated in some respects as Microsoft Office, but at the same time it is what I use primarily at work and I can do everything that I need to do within the Google Apps suite.

The one thing I can't do on the Google Operating System(s) (Android or Chrome) is playing my Neverwinter Nights II or Devine Divinity RPG games. Then again the last time I played them was back in August, so it isn't that big of a deal.


Still going pretty damn good. No stoopid injuries or maladies to report.

I have decided that as much as I love my Hoka Clifton's that unless they make the toe box wider or make an E or EE version of the shoes, that I will not run in them. I didn't realize how much they were scrunching my right foot until I started wearing my current LunarGlide 5's.

Also, I figured out that zero drop does not make my Achilles tendons (yes plural) very happy, I can run in them occasionally, but as a daily runner, well it doesn't work for me.

At Work

Work is busy...school is back in session.

At Home

The garden produced a bumper crop this year and two out of the three apple trees did fantastically.

Just a few carrots from the garden

We have had a good to great harvest and are pretty much ready for a what looks to be a long-ass winter. At least that is what the signs are pointing towards.

Big Running Goal - Being Realistic

Hey, I kept the same running goal for three months now - more of that consolidation/simplification stuff.

I have finally accepted that my running goals for this year needed to be a bit more conservative than in the past:
  1. Run 2,015 miles for 2015
  2. Break 6:00 for the mile
  3. Break 22:00 for the 5K  -- Ran a 21:50 at the Rise 'n Shine 5K
  4. Chase my post-55 PR of 21:20
  5. Then go after a sub 21:00
  6. If I do that, start chasing that sub 20:00 goal again

August Running Summary

The story of my running in September can be summed by saying goal 3 achieved and staying healthy.

Just take away the 17 miles I have run in October.
169.1 miles for September is not a record or anything, but I am happy with the totals. I took a few more days off, that trying to listen to my body better thing and by the end of the month I was toast. I have done a lot of miles this summer and finally breaking 22:00 took a lot more work than I thought it would. I was tired mentally and physically, so I took the last two days of September off to rest a little
  • Week 1:  41.3
  • Week 2: 40.9
  • Week 3:  41.4
  • Week 4:  43.5
One thing that I was really happy with is that I did actually get under 150 for a weigh-in during September, then went back up to 152 the following week, but at least I did it once this year -- so far. I would love to get down to 145 and stay around there for a while.


The hamstrings were not impressed by attempting to race a 5K. They did pretty well the first mile, but after that it was a real struggle to maintain the faster/harder pace for a longer time than I had trained for.

Yeah, I have a bunch of aches and lingering stuff from a lifetime of living instead of sitting on the couch waiting for life to come to me.

That stuff stays here every month and is just the reality of being 58. The minor aches and pains that go along with getting to be an old fart, who runs, stays active and doesn't march to the beat to the same drummer as everyone else.

Running shoe rotation

My current shoe rotation is:
  • Nike LunarGlide 5
  • Asics Hyperspeed 6
  • Asics Hyperspeed 6.  So far I am very happy with them. I run comfortably and well in them. Although I did learn during the race that they are not worth a damn on wet grass or during the initial transition from wet grass to tar. They will become my primary treadmill shoes this winter.
Asics Hyperspeed 6 with orange laces

Nike Lunar Glide 5's .  They have become my primary running shoes. I run in them comfortably and without worrying about whether they will bother my right foot. Yeah, they are skad big, but they are working quite nicely. The only bad thing is that I am putting a LOT of miles on them fairly quickly and by the end of October, I will need to think about another pair of Lunar Glides (6 or 7). 50 Mile review here

Nike Lunar Glide 5's

Running Shoes that went away in September or on their way out.
  • Brooks Cascadia 8's - I went for a walk in them and for two days after, my right foot bothered me...not worth doing a run in them if just walking bothers.
  • Hoka Clifton V1 Lime #3 - My third pair of Clifton's. While I almost made it to 300 miles in them, unfortunately, they bothered my right foot a little too much and were simply becoming too much of a distraction.
  • Altra Torin 1.5 - I still haven't decided what to do with them, so they are sitting in the back of the garage while I figure it out.
  • Skechers GoRun Ultra - just a bit too narrow even with the strap gone.


The reality is that

Things in the change department have slowed down a lot and consolidating those changes was the big thing during September. Which is a good thing.

Getting that sub 22:00 5K was a good thing and something I believed I could do, but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. The hammies and I have to come to an understanding that once in a while it is okay to run a full 5K at a sub 7:00 pace. We haven't quite got there yet, but I am working on it.

Simplifying my running shoe rotation has made life a lot simpler. I am not always trying to figure out which running shoes to wear today, I know that the LG5's are the only choice for just running. All I do is put them on and go out the door, without any fuss, muss or second guessing about which shoe to use. Looking back over my running log, since I got them, they have been my primary running shoes and I would say better than 90% of my runs have been in the Lunar Glide 5's.

Simplifying and consolidating the changes was the story of September.

The big thing is that I like the direction my running and life are going.

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