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Saturday, October 31, 2015

It Was An Opening Day 5.0 Miler - RunLog 10-31-15

I know that a lot of people up heah, look forward to to opening day with unbridled joy and I know that I used too. It was a gorgeous day, probably not really what hunters wanted, but it was a great day for a run.

Honestly, it has been a few years since I have hunted and I have become kind of "blah" about opening day nowadays.

Actually, it can be something of inconvenience out where we live, it means more traffic on our country road, it means dressing in bright colors even when out wandering around the yard and down-back has a few more people wandering/driving around. For the most part, when they see Bennie and I out running, they slow down or wave as we go by. After all, it is something that we do pretty much year-round and the locals are used to seeing us out running.

Now down-back is one of the few places that isn't posted so we do tend to also get a few not as local hunters. They are the ones that I tend to worry more about since they don't know Bennie or me and seem to get upset a little more when we go running by.

Oh well, they will just have to deal with us going by, because we ain't changing what we do all that much. Oh, I won't go down there first thing in the morning and will wait until after 8:00 AM before we head out the door unless we head down to Pepin Way.

Well, enough about opening day.

I was thinking about doing 3.0 with Bennie and then a longish something to finish out the month. However, once we got going he was pretty full of himself and wanted to go up Bartlett, which meant that we were going to go a "little faster" coming back down.

Now I really tried to moderate the pace, but when that old Gold Dodge Ram flew by us, Bennie wanted to switch to chase mode. We picked it up for a short bit and then my fat ass slowed back down to a more reasonable speed.

Unfortunately, that burst of speed and a couple of others, along with the 5.0 miles made me realize that I didn't want to go back out and run a few more miles.

I guess it is true that when you do not have a specific goal to go after, that you tend to slough-off and not have as much motivation to do more. Since I met my primary goal of breaking 22:00 for the 5K, I just haven't felt the need to push the mileage. Maybe I need an interim goal to get me moving again.

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