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Thursday, October 1, 2015

5.0 Miles with Bennie - RunLog 10-1-15

Just a quick update tonight on this morning's run.

Life is pretty busy, work is at the busiest it ever will be for the next couple of weeks, so that is pushing me around a little more than it will. However, I believe that what I am doing is important enough to get through this busier time, without whining too much. :-)

During the storm - a bit of a lull

We made it through yesterday's monsoon without losing power, having to go swimming to get a vehicle or any other major maladies. It was a good thing that I had planned on taking the last two days of September off - the run would have been a bit wet.

The leaves are starting to turn down-back

This morning was high 40's, a bit of a swirling breeze and otherwise a pretty nice day for running - weather-wise. Down-back survived the deluge well and actually was in better shape than before the rain, so that was nice.

The run itself was nothing all that different for us. Some parts faster, other parts slower, lots of stops for sniffs/marking and him playing with the leash some.

In other words just your typical Bennie run.

I do know that taking off a couple of days, does help, who knows maybe in November I will take a whole week off, just to let the body recover from a pretty great year of running so far.

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