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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Not Every Run is A Great Run - RunLog 10-21-15

Yeah, the truth is that there are runs that just plain, out and out, suck.

This morning's run with Bennie was one of those - that flat out sucked donkey balls.

I know people call these mental toughness runs and a bunch of other things to put a positive spin on it and keep the positivity flowing. Unfortunately, sometimes reality just slaps you upside the head and you gotta admit that the run...

well sucked.

Nothing felt right from the first step to the last one.

Bennie was distracted by the school bus going around the circle, everyone going to work, lots of animal movement/messages left overnight and did his best to leave a message for every critter that left him one. That was the first mile.

At that point, I just felt like cutting the run short (usually I do at least 3.0) and turned around on the ledges, thinking that I could always add a mile on the other end.

The problem other than Bennie being so freaking distracted was that I ran in the Response Boost 2's.  They just never felt right in at any point during the run. I was slappy on landing and my stride felt completely off. I have been wearing my PI N2's and they are smooth as can be for me, which really made the Adidas feel like crap in comparison. So I am going to try to return them this afternoon - they just do not work for me and really contributed to the run sucking.

I was thinking about how bad my shoes were and what body parts were hurting more because of them, instead of thinking how great it was to be running. Not the way I want to think during any run, especially a run that is already not going very well.

Now I like the way the boost material feels cushioned under my feet, but the more I run in them their design does not enhance my running and the Response 2's get in the way of my natural stride. So I will deal with my old PI's, see if the store will let me return them and if not, make them into work shoes because they don't bother me at work.

Nope, not all runs are great or even good, but you can still get some good out of them and if you look hard enough a bad run lets you figure out what doesn't work well and sometimes that can be more important than saying everything is hunky-dory and just keep forcing yourself to do things a certain way, even though you know it ain't quite right, because it hasn't bothered you that much - yet.

It is hard to admit that a pair of new shoes doesn't work for me the way I expect them to when I bought them, but it seems that I have 2-3 brands that work well for me and I need to stay with those brands. The one thing that I am learning, well know is that a noticeable rockered type sole works better for me as long as the toe box is wide enough.

Sometimes you just gotta say when and move on...so I am. Goodbye Adidas Response Boost 2's, it was a nice experiment, but it didn't work. Nice shoes, just not for me and how I run.

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