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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pearl Izumi EM/H3 v1 - First Run

It seems over the past few years I have had my share and more of first runs in running shoes.

Enough so that Mary mocked me (rightly) this morning after I was talking yet again, how much I loved my new Pearl Izumi EM/H3 v1 after running in them for the first time this morning.

She said, "you always say that about all the running shoes you get".

I agreed with her, I couldn't really do anything else, because you know something it is the truth.

First runs can be so damn deceptive. 

For me at least I want to think that any pair of shoes that I get are going to be a great shoe for me, so I try to be as positive as possible and usually try to overlook anything that is not quite right, during that first run - like:

  • I wasn't sure on the way the tongue felt while walking in them last night and this morning - but on the run the tongue felt fine on the upper foot.

  • Also the primary reason that I got rid of the PI N1 Trails was when you flex the foot there was a gap between the tongue and the upper, well the H3 had that same gap - so I was worried that all kinds of crap would get in the shoe down back. Nothing did.

  • The 8.5 felt a little long when I first put them on and I was worried that I should have gotten an 8.0 instead. They fit fine, but if I was to order another pair of H3's I would probably get the 8.0's. There is just enough of a difference between the perfect fit of the 8.5 N2's and the slightly larger fit of the H3's to be noticeable.

Those were the negatives that I was really concerned about when I set out this morning for this first run.

  • None of those things bothered me during the run. 

The biggest thing that I learned is that the H3's were quiet, no slapping the ground or pavement, they have more traction than the N2's (the grooves are a bit deeper) and didn't feel nearly as firm as the N2's did when they were new. The extra cushioning was nice and I didn't ave to worry about the smaller rocks poking up through when I landed on them - the shoes just soaked them up. No, they are not trail shoes, but they worked fine today on what I asked of them.

Maybe I am just used to the way the Pearl Izumi EM lines works for me (the running style I use in them) and once I got through the initial mile, I felt comfortable runninG. Even though the H3's are Pearl Izumi's highest level of motion control, I did not feel the shoe attempting to force me to run a certain way (like some do) and I was just able to run without thinking about the shoes.

All good things.

Type of Run

It was also a typical Bennie run down-back and on the road out front: faster, slower, stop, start, chase vehicles, balancing running and having a 25 pound Jack Russell pulling you side-ways/backwards as he plays tug of war.

Which meant that I got a good feel for how they work in a variety of conditions and speeds. Although we did sort of lose focus coming back up Stevens' Hill and slowed down a bit during the 4th mile. Yeah, that is also where Bennie was doing most of the tug-o-war time, so it is just a slower part of the run when he starts that stuff.

The reality is that 

So I loved how the H3's felt after my first run in them, why is that big news to anyone else?

It isn't.

I have said "I loved" about so many different shoes and times over the past few years that it is like the boy who cried wolf over and over. At some point every time I say that I love a pair of running shoes, it doesn't really matter, because so often it turns out that I don't like them at all down-the-road.

The H3's are an old shoe that I got on close-out from Sierra Trading Post for $42 and will probably have different thoughts about them over the next 3-4 months that they stick around in my rotation. I have a sneaking suspicion they might just be in it for a while...well at least after the first run I am ever-hopeful anyways.

Yeah, like Mary said I always seem to say I love my newest pair of shoes on my first runs in them, the real test is how they do at 100 miles, which seems to be the actual point where I decide whether a pair of running shoes actually works for me or not and whether they will stay in the rotation.

Let's see how they do at that point...the old 50-mile reviews I have done are more full of hope and hype than they are about whether the shoes will last in my rotation or if they will just become another notch in my running shoe yardstick.

Only the miles will let me know, so now to put more miles on them.

How about you, what are first runs - in your experience - are they good predictors of how a shoe will be or are they full of false hope and promise?

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