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Monday, October 26, 2015

Running Down the Rail Trail to Gardiner - RunLog 10-26-15

It was a chilly morning with the wind chills at around 32*F and the wind was out of the north (in my face on the way back), so I kind of wanted my winter hat instead of the ball cap I was wearing, but otherwise I was dressed just about right.

After yesterday's quicker run, I wanted to stay around a 9:00 minute pace and just run comfortably in the H3's to see how they would feel in an hour or so run. No problems and I forgot about them, except to think about how good my feet were feeling.

Sitting on the dock in Hallowell and looking down the Kennebec
I thought about turning around at 3.0 miles and going home to do a few more with Bennie, but at the same time, I was feeling pretty good and figured that 8-9 miles would be alright and if I felt strong, could do a couple miles with Bennie or simply take him for a long walk to clean the crap out of my legs.

While running, I got to see Seth a couple times and it good to see him out there running with everything he has gone through this summer. Even though he was going slow for him, I have a feeling it was still probably faster than my race pace. Jealous - yep :-)

However, I did what I set out to do

I started out slowly and had a tough time crossing the road on the other side of Hallowell, but I had consistent pace the whole way. Although a couple of times I started to speed up, before I caught myself and slowed back down.

Today wasn't about going fast, it was all about running comfortably and getting a few extra miles in.

It feels good to just run again and forget about my damn shoes.

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