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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Speed Work Tuesday - RunLog 10-27-15

I wanted to change things up a little today, instead of doing our usual slower, fartlek run with Bennie and then go to the gym right before work to do a killer treadmill speed workout (you know the usual Tuesday routine). That I would do a harder 4.0 mile Bennie run and then an easier treadmill workout.

As usual it didn't quite go as planned on either run, but it was a great idea.

Just a bit of frost on the roof and vehicles
The other big change is that I decided to use the PI N2 Roads to see if I could use them as my faster shoes. No nothing is wrong with my Asics Hyperspeed 6's, but I have a mental block about running too much past the 22:00 pace for a 5K in them.

Then again, it might be part of that Father-Time time dragging on me, but I wanted to know if it was the mental part or simply because I am getting to be an old fart.

Run #1

Bennie started out at a good pace and then we would run fast for a ways and then slow down a bit

I wonder how much, not if running through down-back does actually slow me down, due to the uneven footing that running on a dirt road causes. I noticed myself backing off the gas as soon as I got off the tar and then picking it back up when I got back on Tiffany and then reversed the process coming back.

Something to think about.

Most of the run was go, go slower, go, slower and repeat - the usual Bennie run.

We did a hard push from Blake to past the Lower Gate and as you can see we slowed way down after that to get my breath back, before jogging up the hill. Then a neighbor was taking off in their truck and Bennie went into chase mode. Then we just plugged along to the finish.

I know that I was not unhappy having on a winter hat and gloves this morning. It was still pretty chilly.

I didn't have any problems running at the faster paces in the N2's and they do give a bit more protection from the rocks and stuff down back than running in the Hyperspeed's. So that was good to know.

Run #2

Like last week it was pretty damn nice outside, but I wanted to hit certain paces for the workout - which meant the treadmill. Use the right tool for the job you want to do and I don't mind the treadmill so it wasn't that big of a deal.

What did I actually do - that interpreting the graph thing?

  • .5 @ 7.2 mph -- warm-up
  • 1.5 @ 8.6 mph - sub 7:00 pace I felt strong the entire way...no feet slapping on the belt and I thought seriously about turning it into a 3.0-mile time trial, but then common sense took over and when I got to 2.0 miles and slowed down.
  • .25 @ 7.2 mph
  • .25 @ 9.1 mph this is my sub 20:00 pace and I was able to hold it without any issues. Everything felt smooth
  • .25 @ 7.2
  • .25 @ 9.1 - This one hurt, I could tell that I had run harder than usual this morning and by the end of this quarter, I could feel the energy just leaking out. At this point I decided to not kill myself and keep doing quarters - I took it easy until the last quarter.
  • .75 @ 7.2
  • .25 @ 9.1 - Last quarter...it was time to get it done. The legs were toast and it was a struggle to finish it, but I did. 

Honestly, I probably just should have jogged it home, but...naaawww that wouldn't be Harold being Harold, gotta finish hard on a speed workout.

The heart rate grips had me at 169 about 30 seconds after finishing, so the HR was definitely in the 170's when I finished. So it was a hard push to finish.

I did pretty much what I wanted - a little harder on the run with Bennie and then not quite as hard (although I did go faster than I planned on the quarters). I wanted the last couple of quarters to be difficult to finish and they were.

While some believe that fast quarters are enough to race a fast 5K, I don't know if it works that well for me. I can run fast quarter intervals (for me), but at the same time I don't have the stamina (mental or physical) to maintain that faster pace for the whole distance. Which is why I want to increase the distance for my race or faster-paced intervals, to increase speed and stamina, while still popping in a few even faster quarters at the end when I am fatigued.

How did the Pearl Izumi N2 Road's do on the treadmill at a faster pace -- No problems. They felt smooth and I was able to pick up the pace without any problems. There was none of the slappiness that I get running in the Hyperspeed's when I am tired and I was able to keep running smoothly. Yeah, I could feel the heavier weight on the last two-quarters, but the smoothness offset the weight.

Good workouts.

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