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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thomas College Terrier Trot 5K Photos

One of the things that I do like about the Thomas College Terrier Trot 5K is that Jen Buker, Director of their PR department takes so many photos of the event.

Enough so that I don't feel as though I have to carry my phone and take pictures or give one of my old cameras to someone I know who isn't running and con them into taking "photos of moi".

Jen graciously allows me to publish her photos on my blog and although it has my name on the photos, I did not take them - that is just an automatic thing I forgot to change before uploading the photos.

Photo by Jen Buker - The start of the Terrier Trot 5K

Photo by Jen Buker - No I never heel strike
 Coming down to the finish line...notice the heel strike. That is how I run when I am not thinking about my form, so instead of fighting it, I am just going to keep going with what works with my stride for shoes in the future.

Photo by Jen Buker - yeah a little toe-out action to go with heel striking hehe hehe

Photo by Jen Buker -- the medalist. Behind me is the gal that flew by me with the stroller and beside her is the guy who won the race in the greenish colored shirt.
This is one of my favorite races and although the turn-out is smaller than it should be, Thomas College alumni and the Cross Country team do a great job putting on the race. I plan to be there again next year.

Jen thank you again for allowing me to use your photos on my blog.

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  1. I rather hoped this would be a 5k where people ran with their dogs. I can't remember ever seeing a race like that, but it would be a lot of fun to try. Would be interesting to see dogs like Bennie and Hunter try to deal with going for a run while having other dogs to chase or distract them.

    1. Pineland Farms in May has a doggie/human race and I thought about doing it with Bennie, but as hyper as he is, I am pretty sure it would not be a great thing. Also the Terrier Trot 5K is on the roads and going up Webb Road and back was bad enough without Bennie wanting to go after each vehicle that goes by :-)


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