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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Thomas College Terrier Trot 5K - Race Recap 10-18-15

Brrrrr the coldest day of the fall we have had so far. You know that 26*F, ice in the birdbath and scraping the windshield kind of cold.

So of course, it is also the day that I have a 5K Race.

Now the cold doesn’t really bother me all that much, the wind that is a different story. It did kind of maybe...well...does suck, especially when it is only 36*F at the start of the race. Then when you add in going uphill against it...well yeah, it does make things suck.

Harold will you quit whining about the weather and tell us more about the Terrier Trot 5K.

Yeah, that would be a good thing.

Okay, even though I am not all that crazy about the course, mostly uphill the first half and then, of course, mostly downhill on the second half. I do like the people and the race itself, so the course is something that I just deal with.

This is the only race over 200 yards that I have ever won, so coming in I was the defending champ (you gotta show-up) and when I picked up my number, number 1 was still sitting there. I figured that I would give them a hard time and asked “hey doesn’t the defending champ get number 1?”.

I think I flummoxed them for a moment and then when I started laughing, we all laughed and the race director just said if you win this you will get it next year. I promptly took my hat off and good-naturedly said, “with all this white stuff on top, you ruined my only chance to ever wear #1. We all laughed and had some fun with it.

Unfortunately, as much as we were laughing and having a good time with that...it is also the truth, it probably was my last chance to wear #1  and be a defending champ at a race. Oh well, we still had fun picking on each other and is the reason that I do like this race so much.

Looking from the finish back up the hill to the River Road - it doesn't look steep, but it gets your attention at the start of a race.
The start goes up the hill out of Thomas and I always have problems with this start, by the time we get to the River Road, I am out of breath and out of sorts, then it takes me a while to get my breath back (that sucking on hills thing - I just don't do as well on them as I used to). I settled into fourth place and just let the three ahead of me take off.

Terrier Trot Stats - Strava 2015
Which was a mistake, but until I got that breathing right again, there weren't a whole lot I could do about it.

The guy in 3rd either slowed down or I sped up and I got on his back and stayed there.

Which was another mistake, there were several places I am pretty sure that I could have passed him and would have picked up the pace a little, instead I got lazy and just tucked in behind him all the way up Webb Road, let him do the work on the hill and going into the wind, since it was a lot like a wind tunnel or is that a wind funnel. Either way it was coming straight down the hill at us.

Did I say how much I dislike running into the wind when it is cold -- yeah it is true, but if you run outside it just part of the deal.

After the turnaround, I picked the pace back up to race pace and came back down the hill, within a couple of hundred yards, I went by the guy who I had followed up Webb Road. So there is no doubt that I lost a lot of time when I tucked in behind him. Lesson learned.

Then I had a big shock, this gal in with a 3 wheeled baby stroller flew by me. I tried to pick up the pace, but there was not any way in hell I was going to keep with her. She was flying. Which demoralized me more than a little, I couldn't even keep up with someone pushing a damn baby stroller...I knew just looking at her she was an exceptionally strong runner, but even so...oh well this getting old shit ain't great on the ego some days.

Enough so that while I maintained the pace for a bit when I figured out that I wasn't going to keep up with her, I lost my focus for a while and slowed way down. Actually, I was frustrated with myself and was doing some of that beating myself up thing over letting a gal in a stroller go by me like that. You know, that we do during a race when things ain't going the way you want.

She was just a helluva lot better runner than I am now.

Then I started to hear footsteps behind me and I figured that I better haul ass or the guy that I passed, was going to return the favor. This time, there was no way I was going to let it happen coming back down the hill to the finish.

He didn't and I did manage to pick up the pace pretty well during the last part.

I finished 4th and 1st in my age group, so really I wasn't all that disappointed and my actual time was 22:31, which is only 3 seconds slower than last year's time. However, I am not going to say that I couldn't have done better because I could have and will, but at the same time, I also am learning and it really sucks that there is something about hills that just take a lot more out of me than they used to.

Here are my Strava stats from last year (notice that the pace chart is inverted from how they do it now), to see where I ran differently this year to when I won last year.

Oh well, its all good and I am still running pretty decent, but the best part, I still had my hamstrings after I finished. They were just a wee bit bothersome going up Webb Road and then coming back down, they didn't allow me do what I really wanted...run faster, even though the rest of me was willing. It is what it is and I can accept that my hammies are my governor when it comes to how fast I will run, but at times it can get frustrating and to be honest, this was one of those times it was frustrating.

I just hate the getting older part of this running in races thing, when...well it doesn't matter, someday I will accept that I am what I am - an aging runnah, who is still struggling with the aging part of the equation.

Overall, a nice local race and the people and volunteers at Thomas did a great job in making the runners feel welcome and it will remain one of those race that I put the calendar a year in advance. Now if they would just make the course go to the right instead of the left, I have a feeling I would like it that much more.

Next year should I show up in a UMA shirt - hehe hehe

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  1. Just put a 1 on your shirt anyway!

    That's always been the hardest part of winter running for me; I can handle cold, but the wind is horrible. That said - I agree with your other post about winter running, in that I really don't mind the Treadmill.

    Congrats on another great race!

    1. Hehehehe. It was fun to pick on them about it though and they were good natured about it. It is what it is and it was probably my last chance to "officially" be a defending champ at a race ;-) hehehehehe The joys of aging and bad hammies :-) Oh well, I am happy with the race and enjoyed the comraderie that happened before and after which are the important things.


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