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Friday, October 2, 2015

Yech and hmmm - RunLog 10-2-15

Sometimes you just have to run twice in the same day and this was one of those days. I wanted to run before work this morning so that meant an early rise 'n shine run (the yech) and then after work (the hmmm). I needed to run to release some frustration/negative energy that had built up over the day. Nothing bad, but it needed to be dealt with and running does it for me.

Run #1

This was one of those 0'dark 30 runs, where I needed a light for the first time this year. Which meant that I wasn't all that interested in running any faster that an easy pace and once I got on the dirt road, I needed to be a bit more careful about new pot holes and rocks having a slightly different position after that big rain the other day.

I screwed up on charging the Garmin 310XT again - that is the only complaint that I have about the watch is that it is very finicky about how you charge it. Otherwise, it has been the most rock-solid GPS watches I have used.

Plus neither Bennie or I was all that into it this morning. We ran down to 166 Tiffany and back, once it got lighter we picked up the pace a little, but neither one of us was really all that thrilled about running this morning.


Oh yeah, I worked an 8-5 workday and during my lunch hour, I went over to Barnes & Noble and picked up Joe Friel's Faster After 50 and something that I didn't think that I would do again, but for some reason or other, I decided to get a paper running log????

Isabelle checking out the books and looking to be fed again

I don't have a clue what made me do that, I have my spreadsheet and I like to use Strava, but something said that I wanted/needed this running log.

So it will be interesting to read more on this getting older as an athlete/runner and the things that I need to do to slow down the decline or who knows, maybe improve a bit. You know maybe break through those glass ceilings that I have imposed on myself, because I underestimate what I should/can do versus what I am doing.

The paper running log, I am not sure how I will actually use it, but starting next Monday, I probably will have a better idea of what is its use and why I had to have it.

RUN #2

After I got home from work, I gabbed with Mary for a bit and then took Bennie for another run. That was a freaking, major league mistake!!!!

No, not because he was a pain in the butt...but because he wanted to run and he wanted to run faster than hell. He was full of piss and vinegar!!!

I wasn't.

He was pushing, well pulling hard, the first 1/2 mile, especially when the SUV passed us and he went completely into chase mode and I am pretty sure that we were sub 6:00 for a ways, he was on a mission to catch that vehicle.

I slowed down well before he was ready to and became a damn anchor  and he just kept trying to haul my ass down the road a LOT frigging faster than I wanted - not what I wanted or felt like after a LONG day at work.

Finally, he stopped for that first pee and I got to catch my breath for a second.

Well about 5 and he was off on a mission again.

We did that for the next 2 miles - until we started to go back up Stevens' Hill, he had had enough of dragging my sorry ass along and slowed down. Then my damn dawg got on the tar and decided that we needed to pick up the pace again.

We did a fast finish.

Old school timing without the Garmin

This is one of those runs, I really wished that the Garmin had worked, because I know it was a helluva interval/fartlek workout, with some parts a LOT FASTER than race pace. I know because when I get going too fast, I feel out of sync and not very smooth. I need to really work on my faster pace because I can run faster, but it just feels like the wheels are coming off.

The funny part, even when we were running faster, I felt pretty strong. So I don't know what is going on, but at the same time I needed this run and Bennie knew it. My brain was scrambled, foggy and just toast after working all day. It was his way of clearing out my brain and getting me moving more/better/faster than I would have by myself.

Even so a nice easy run would have been a gentler and easier way for me to do an after-work run to end a tough week.

Coach Bennie decided otherwise.

You know something, sometimes I think he is smarter than I give him credit for...I fee a lot better than I did before the run.

Good job Bennie.

I do feel better now.

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